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Unlike any other course in the world…
This is a "done-with-you" program.

What does that mean? We won’t just show you exactly how to grow your business, we’ll coach you through actually putting it into practice.

As we all know, it's not just about having the right strategies, but it's about actually implementing them and staying accountable and “unstuck”.

You’ll get unfettered access to the manual and training videos, as well as LIVE coaching sessions three times a week, and can ask your questions to our whole mentoring team for answers 24/7 in our Facebook group.

By the time the 12-week program is up, you’ll have everything in place ready to go.


No one said it was going to be easy to grow a money making business, but you didn’t expect it to be this hard…

There’s no shame in admitting you severely underestimated how much work it was going to be, we’ve all been there.

But now you’re stuck, lonely, overwhelmed. You have no idea where to go from here…

The simple fact is, you can’t do this alone. No one can.

Running a thriving e-commerce business is a big operation. We need as much help as we can get.

Right now, you’re trying to do “all the things” on your own - marketing, web development, graphic design, social media, customer service, the list goes on…

Besides having no time to spend with your friends and family (not to mention much-needed alone time), your business is suffering.

You’re only one person, after all. You can only do so much.

By trying to do it all you’re spreading yourself too thin and customers notice.

They don’t want to invest in a brand that doesn’t engage with them on social media, takes more than a day to reply to their emails, has a clunky website or poorly-written copy.

They’ll just click on the next tab.

The online space is brutal, but it doesn’t have to be…

I’m not saying you have to hire a full in-house team or outsource to expensive agencies.

What you need is to work with a group of expert coaches and mentors in the e-commerce space who will show you exactly how to grow your online brand without over-complicating the process.

This is the best investment you’ll make for your business. End of story.

Myth #1

You have to hustle, work around the clock, give it all your energy, time and attention.

Myth #2

You need to invest all your hard-earned cash into every course, app, software available.

Myth #3

You have to spend all your hard-earned cash paying hefty monthly fees to agencies.

You can grow a wildly popular online brand without working weekends, trying to learn everything under the sun, or hiring other people instead of paying yourself a salary.

In The E-Commerce Academy, we will show you exactly how to…

I’ve been where you are now…

I was exhausted. A mum of three, juggling the never-ending responsibilities that come with that (and there are many) while working through a difficult marriage and trying to build a thriving business.

I wanted to work on my own terms and make a nice income doing it. Except it wasn’t working out that way… I was stressed, tired and couldn’t even afford to pay myself a wage.

The thing that kept me going, through it all, was knowing my products would change people’s lives for the better.

I built up Ecoriginals, the worlds greenest nappies and wipes brand into a multi-million dollar brand with a team of 9 staff working from their homes around Australia, I paid myself a hefty salary every month and I sold the brand to a large private equity company.

Now, I own a multi-million dollar e-commerce empire without spending 60 hours a week glued to my laptop. I’ve won awards, run seminars, and appeared as a featured guest all over the world.

I can help you know exactly what you need to do and how to do it, so you can confidently build your business into everything you imagined it could be.

You’ll get exclusive access to my network of industry contacts as well as practical tools and support.


What is included

Join our 12 week online program, covering all 12 modules outlined on this page (plus more!). Drop the overwhelm and gain clarity.

We meet three times weekly over the 12 weeks to uncover the content you need and ask the Academy Coaches questions. If you miss a call you can watch on replay in your own time.

Get access to our video library with over 50 training videos. Get access to our video library with bite size pieces that are recorded to help you move through specific problems! Also get access to all our replays, just in case you miss any calls!

Get our written manual covering all these topics with the step by step guides you need to know for each module. This will become your bible!

Get access to templates, workbooks, spreadsheet and checklists Lisa used inside her own ecommerce businesses – just for you!

We call it the 3C’s – we give you Content and Coaching, but our community could change your business through collaborations and support. Get connected.


Go inside for a sneak peak!

We understand the need to make an informed decision on whether this is the program for you. So let us show you what you can expect..

Chontelle has firsthand experience, having completed this program before joining the team. She would love to answer your questions and show you around with no obligations!

Click the button below to arrange your personal tour.

World Leading
E-commerce Coaches


When you join The Academy, you’ll be able to ask us anything you want to know about e-comm. You’re not alone anymore. We’ll help you transform your business and double your revenue within 90 days.

Go from exhausted, lonely & broke… energised, connected & abundant

Who this is for

Join us today for instant access into the supportive program and
get these bonuses!


  • Pre-launch marketing ideas
  • DIY product photography
  • How to grow your email list
  • Email flows and ready-to-use templates
  • Instagram hashtags & captions
  • Instagram seasonal content
  • How to find influencers & set up brand ambassadors
  • Proof of concept
  • Manufacturing glossary
  • Favourite Shopify apps to help grow your business
  • Weekly workflow
  • Kate Toon ~ Everything SEO
  • Alisha Marfatia – REELS! 
  • Marina Loncaric ~ DIY Product
  • Photography with budget tech set up
  • Tamara Klisaric – 2022 Content Planner 
  • Bea Maz ~ Money Mindset & thinking big
  • Calculate your landed cost
  • Calculate your profit margin
  • Website metrics tracker
  • Monthly target tracker
  • Cashflow planner

“Hotseat Interviews” with our most successful e-commerce clients where we share their winning strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A 12-week program that covers 9 modules of content designed specifically to help your e-commerce brand to grow your sales and build a solid foundation for success. We focus heavily on website optimization and increasing your conversion, along with driving traffic to your website.
  • Live group coaching call times are Monday at midday, Tuesday at 10am and Thursday at midday AEST where Lisa and the coaching team will break down e-commerce strategies and teach them to you for easy implementation into your business.
  • 160 page written E-com Bible as the manual for this program. Print it and keep it handy forever! This manual takes you through e-com topics step by step, with written exercises to support you to develop your copywriting for your brand and grow your sales!
  • Access to 10+ expert mentors in the program, including Lisa, along with experts in copywriting, Klaviyo, Shopify, Facebook Ads, Manychat, graphic design and branding, wholesale sales growth. These mentors are live in the FB group answering your questions to keep you unstuck, along with presenting expert topics.
  • Our video library with short, sharp videos to teach you about ALL areas in e-commerce that you will need to scale your sales.
  • Workbooks, templates, check lists and spreadsheets that help you to track different aspects of your business and build a more solid, systemised and profitable business.
  • Access to our connections in e-com – this is low cost, affordable and expert support services. Think website developers for $15 USD per hour, along with a host of other experts!
  • Connect with the community of Academy students to share wins, collaborate on business ideas, and get feedback on your work.

We know that some weeks you might have a life interruption, so we will always upload the video for you to watch within 4 hours of the live call. That way you can play it back at a time that suits you!!

In order to get the most from this amazing program, we recommend you dedicate 2 – 4 hours per week in addition to the time you usually spend working on your brand. If you can not commit this time our program may not be suited to you. Our program is designed to provide high level support, strategies and mentoring to those woman hungry for success. 

This program is designed for woman who are already actively selling online. If you have an idea for a product and are in start-up phrase we would love to help you but not in this academy program. We have created the perfect start-up program for you. If you select the start-up program you may add on 1-1 game plan session at checkout. This academy program is designed for women selling online from $0 – $30K a month.
Wonderful news! We would love to help you continue to grow. If your average monthly revenue is under $30K a month, then this program will be perfect for you. If your average monthly revenue is already above $30K per month then we recommend you join our Scale Mastermind program.

Yes absolutely you can!

We don’t believe in big ad budgets in the early days of growing an e-com brand. We will be focusing on teaching you organic client attraction, improving your website conversion, how to focus on lean, innovative and collaborative marketing strategies. However if you want to start in ads, we will teach you some basics inside this course.

Sure is!

We have a 7-day money back guarantee that you will come into the program and love what we are doing inside it (and that what we promised you is what we deliver!!).

The Academy program is designed to double your sales in 12 weeks.

Yes we absolutely do!

You can choose to either pay upfront $2,497 or pay 20 x weekly payments of $150 (which equals $3,000). The program runs for 12 weeks but your repayments continue for another 8 weeks after the program ends. The choice is yours. We have added this payment option to help you get access to strategies to grow as you learn, and make money as you grow!!

At the end of your 12 week program, we hope you don’t leave us. More than half of our graduates stay in the program for a small monthly fee to continue to access our mentoring support, live calls and new content. You will be offered this at the end of your program round.



We believe wholeheartedly in this program, however if you do the first 7 days of work and decide we haven't delivered on a quality program, we will refund your money.

End The Business Mummy Juggle FOREVER

Module 1: Website

We will teach you everything you need to know about your website:

✔ What software and plugins you should be using to sell more with less effort.

✔ How to optimize your design and user experience (UX).

✔ Strategies to increase your conversion rate (usually doubling it!)

✔ The psychology of selling online and how to use your product as the hero in a transformational sell (and not yak on about the features and benefits!)

✔ Why looking like a million-dollar brand will dramatically increase your sales (and we connect you to our team who can help you fix up your website for you!)

✔ Exactly what wording to use and where on your website.

✔ How to be trustworthy and why you want your customers to fall in love with your brand

Module 2: Customer

✔ We are going to help you get seriously clear on who your customer is, and what they are doing right now, and what pain points they have that you can solve.

✔ We are going to help you talk to them differently, to sell a LOT more.

✔ We will show you how to rewrite all your copy, and what you should be saying instead.

✔ Customer retention is a major strategy we focus on, it’s much cheaper to keep a customer returning than it is to keep paying for new ones.

✔ You MUST wow your customer, or they will be under impressed and won’t give you amazing reviews or come back.

✔ We will share what we know about knocking the socks off customer.

Module 3: Traffic

✔ You need both paid and free traffic, so we are going to teach you about both.

✔ We cover Facebook ads 101, and retargeting to warm audiences.

✔ We call it lean guerrilla marketing, but we will focus on all the free ways you can also drive traffic to your website.

✔ We deep dive into ambassadors to your brand and leveraging influencers, and how to set these up so that you win and don’t lose.

✔ Collaboration marketing is one of the best ways to grow a brand and drive traffic. We will share our best ideas.

✔ We also deep dive into leveraging awards and media/PR to grow traffic.

Module 4: Content

✔ We are going to help you reposition your niche and sharpen your sales tools.

✔ Instead of regurgitating the same old content, we are going to teach you all about how to include user generated content (UGC) and blow your competitors out of the way!

✔ We will give you hundreds of content ideas and teach you how to prepare in advance for socials (and never lose hours thinking about to post again!)

✔ Our manual and mentors will help you to rewrite your “about” story to sell in a completely different way. Repurpose this new story across every channel

Module 5: Socials

✔ We will help you with strategies to nail Instagram, including what to post when, how, and why.

✔ Using Facebook groups can generate you new sales, so we will teach you how to use this to your advantage.

✔ Pinterest is a leveraging tool, and we have a lesson on how to use Pinterest with your brand to drive traffic.

✔ Harness the power of virality on Tik Tok 

Module 6: Emails

✔ We will show you the best email platform to be on, and help you get it set up and running.

✔ Our team will show you the top performing email campaigns and give you tips for how to sell more using emails.

✔ You need to know the foundations of EDMs, and we will show you exactly what to send and when.

✔ Need to migrate your database over? Got too many dead leads? We will help you to clean up your email list

Module 7: Numbers

✔ Most women have a pretty crap relationship with money, so we will help you to lean up your overheads and understand your margins.

✔ At the same time, we will help you to level up your attitude towards money, and your belief system around earning a lot more of it.

✔ We will teach you how to track your money daily and set sales targets to actually hit!

✔ You MUST know which numbers to analyse inside your business, and which numbers you must be tracking. This includes your website metrics, and we provide a bunch of clever forms to help you track this.

✔ We will teach you about what we call “proving the concept” and how every single time you launch a new product or business you must go through this strategy. It will save you a truckload of money and heart ache – trust us!

✔ Oh, and we are pretty tight ass in business and will show you loads of tricks for saving money! We call it the lean business model.

Module 8: Expansion

✔ Want to sell overseas? We can connect you up with everything you need to know to sell your products in the USA quickly and easily.

✔ We look at which marketplaces you need to be listed on to grow your sales horizontally.

✔ Wholesale and everything you need to know about getting new wholesale business in a simple and doable way.

✔ Want to know how to sell more online? Expand your product line into more products and increase your average order value. It works so quickly and easily.

✔ Want to know the safest way to grow an online brand? By including a subscription product so will share ways you can look to add this to your bottom line.

✔ Want to stop despatching orders from your lounge room? No problems, we will show you exactly when you to move from home to a shed to a 3PL company. And hint – you should never rent your own expensive warehouse, like ever!

✔ We will also cover off topics around shipping and pricing and how to get the best deals.

Module 9: Marketing

✔ Let us teach you how to set up a marketing funnel, including top of funnel (cold traffic), middle of funnel (warm traffic) and bottom of funnel (including retention strategies)

✔ Why the most successful e-commerce brands are absolutely marketing ninjas, and how you can take tips from them.

✔ Our top marketing hacks for online brands.

✔ Why social proof is one of the most important tools you can use, and exactly how to get a lot more of it.

Module 10: Team

✔ At some point you can’t run the whole shebang on your own.

✔ We will teach you what to outsource and when.

✔ We connect you to our entire community of e-com experts, most of them very low cost and affordable, to help you get stuff done inside your brand.

✔ When you are ready to expand, we will show you how to bring on team and we promise, its nothing like what you are expecting! Lisa is a total gun at structuring teams to be lean and highly effective.

Module 11: Tools

✔ Want to know which apps can talk to each other and automate your business? We will share our favourites.

✔ Accounting in your business can be boring and expensive, we will show you to make it interesting and affordable.

✔ Plug ins can be a minefield, you don’t want too many that they cause conflict on your website. But you need some as the tools can literally double your sales. Let us guide you through this safely.

✔ We have fun tools to share with you to make your customer relationship stronger!

✔ Automate your social proof and review getting and then repurpose it everywhere!

Module 12: You!

✔ And last, but most importantly, we are going to deep dive on you.

✔ We are going to share why in online brands, its often the business owner who is holding back the success of the brand, and how you can get out of your own way.

✔ Why adrenal fatigue is real, and how the mummy juggle struggle is kind of fun for a little while, but it goes off quickly.

✔ We will explain exactly why you need to get off the mouse wheel and instead direct it, or your business will never grow.

✔ We will show you how to build new boundaries with your business, and how you can set up your own criteria to ensure you never get scope creep again.

✔ We will also show you ways to work smarter and less hours, so that you can spend more time with your family.

✔ And (insert excited voice) we are going to show you why you must pay yourself first, every single week!