Congratulations! Your product or service for the SHE-com Awards 2023 has been registered.

Please make sure to save the following email address into your email address book so that you don't miss any essential communications from us!

Important Information

  1. After finalising your entry, send one of each product submitted to the address below – products need to be received no later than 30 June 2023 to be eligible for judging.


    SHE-com Product Awards
    Po Box 44,
    Currumbin QLD 4223

    Please note: if you are submitting products in the beauty & skincare or food & beverage categories, finalists will need to submit 3 x each product in order to be eligible for judging AFTER FINALISTS ARE ANNOUNCED – you will be notified if you need to submit additional products for the finals round.

  2. Finalists will be announced 17 July 2023.

  3. Judging will take place on Thursday, 17 August (please note: beauty & skincare and food & beverage products will be sent to judges one month before the official judging date to allow for adequate trialling).
  4. Winners will be announced at SHE-com After Dark on 6 September.