The Recovery Stick

Experience the future of muscle recovery with Men Who Scrub’s Magnesium Recovery Stick—Australia’s first mess-free, 100% Natural solution that swiftly alleviates muscle tension, enhances your performance, and ensures a restful night’s sleep, so you can keep playing as hard as you work. Our Magnesium Recovery Stick will;
✔️ Help relieve muscle tension, headaches and migraines
✔️ Speed up muscle recovery
✔️ Assist […]

Biostem Skin Cream

Biostem Skin Cream is a revolutionary skincare solution meticulously formulated to support skin remodeling and rejuvenation, particularly post-surgery. Infused with a blend of powerful natural ingredients and cutting-edge scientific innovation, Biostem Skin Cream offers a holistic approach to skin health. Key ingredients include Centella Asiatica, renowned for its healing properties; Panax Ginseng, known for its […]


The Naked Klay Skin Recovery + Hydra Intense Natural Body Scrub is a luxurious exfoliant clinically proven to intensely hydrate, firm, brighten, improve fine lines, and enhance the skin’s texture. This deluxe body scrub features Snow Mushroom and Bakuchiol as hero actives, drawing on the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and infused with ancient herbs […]

Poppy Jasper

Handmade Poppy Jasper crystal soap infused with rose quartz crystal energy. This luxurious soap is hand crafted with a rich blend nourishing oils and butters. Enhanced with the potent energy of poppy jasper which is also known as the stone of vitality and courage.

Reset Roll-on Shave Gel

The most convenient on-the-go shave gel for the smoothest skin. Reset Roll-on Shave Gel is a premium rinse-free formulation for all skin types and for everyone. With functionality in mind, Reset has redesigned the shaving experience, bringing its latest innovation of a rinse-free gel in a roll-on tube for shaving mess-free while on the go.

The genie body oil

Genie body & skin is an Australian skincare brand that launched in early 2024. With our founder being allergic to many common ingredients within skin, body and even hair care, she sought out to create a line, that not only looked good and not so clinical like everything else on the chemist shelves, but made […]