A DEEPLY RESTORATIVE AND HYDRATING NIGHT SERUM. Vitamin A (encapsulated retinol*) is an essential nutrient for restoring damage within the skin cell – from acne to pigmentation to sun damage. And that’s the hero ingredient in our I AM [VITALITY] active night serum. The slow-release vitamin A works by travelling to the deeper layers of […]

I AM VITALITY Active Day serum

INTRODUCING AN ANTIOXIDANT-RICH, ENERGISING AND BRIGHTENING DAY SERUM. Antioxidants are the star of the show in this youth restorative blend. Our I AM [VITALITY] active day serum is scientifically formulated to boost energy within your cells and protect the skin from the external stressors we meet every day. We use nourishing ingredients like CoQ10 (an […]

Midnight Elixir

Holistic Selfcare Elixir infused with Amethyst Crystals to deeply hydrate, and replenish the skin with the healing energy of Amethyst to help harness the power of nature to rejuvenate and revitalise the skin while promoting a sense of inner harmony, calmness and balance. Full of natural ingredients, Chia Seed, Avocado and Jojoba Oil that quickly […]