Baby Seep Pods are the ultimate product supporting babies, toddlers and parents with lifestyle flexibility and on-the-go sleep!
These are universal light block-out pram covers to encourage better quality on the go naps for babies and toddlers.
Designed by a Sleep Consultant, Nurse and Mum, they are made with SAFETY in mind using high quality air permeable mesh to maintain high levels of air flow (for oxygen and temperature control), protecting against 97.5% of suns rays as certified by ARPANSA (Australian Govt.), offer 97% light block out to reduce distractions that cause issues with on the go napping and most importantly, encourage a good melatonin release (due to the darkened environment) supporting children to fall asleep with ease and encourage better quality and longer naps when in the pram! They also double as a mosquito net, so can be ideal for everyday use and travel.