FIxBIOME’s system was developed after the founder struggled with her own gut health issues and couldn’t find the answers. As a woman, she found it very hard to get doctors to take her seriously when she reported bloating, a growing list of food intolerances, hair loss and skin issues. She often felt dismissed and like she was being “dramatic” despite the severity of her issues.

The FixBIOME brand started off as an education platform to help others struggling with gut issues. With 80% of all research done in recent years, the Founder set out to make this complex emerging information easy to understand.

After a few years in R&D, much trial and error and a lot of help from formulation experts/specialists in the gut health space, the FixBIOME system was developed. Today, it has changed lives around the world in terms of providing access to free “easy to digest” information on gut health and with its patent-pending supplement system,