Lunaire: Elevating Space through Sustainable Luxury

The Problem:
Over 35 million candle jars end up in landfill each year from single-use candles. This billion-dollar industry contributes significantly to environmental waste.

Lunaire’s Solution:
To eliminate this problem, we created the Forever Jar—a refillable, lifetime solution crafted from recycled aluminium in Bronze, Blue, and Silver finishes. Hand-poured in the Blue Mountains, Australia, with natural soy wax, our candles offer a luxurious and sustainable alternative, backed by a lifetime warranty.

Our Vision:
We strive to become a global leader in sustainable home products, promoting positive change and advocating for a more eco-friendly future.

Our Mission:
To eliminate single-use candles and provide sustainable luxury solutions that enhance everyday living while minimising environmental impact.

By integrating sustainability into every aspect of our product lifecycle, from the use of recycled materials to carbon-neutral shipping and biodegradable packaging, Lunaire is not just offering candles but leading a movement towards a zero-waste lifestyle.