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FACT: ALL KIDS SMELL. Especially those we can’t live without, the ones who are fierce on the soccer pitch, rock it at skateparks, shred it up in the surf. Hey you guys, we love you for being active and healthy—but just between us, your BO is the pits.

Until now, tackling it has meant reaching for weirdly mature body sprays that promise old spice hijinks and make you smell like a 28-year-old busting to get to the club or mid-tier accounting firm. WHICH IS WHY WE CREATED NEON GOAT.

Kids are not adults. Yet. So while they’re growing into that role, they need a deodorant designed just for them. The Neon Goat Shvitz Stick is not just natural and simple, not just Australian made, but cool enough to be seen in lockers and bags.
Dermatologically tested and made clean and cruelty free in Sydney, Australia.
WHY WE LOVE IT: Smooth As feel. Juicy, ripe citrus scent. Powerful odour protection and cleansing. Winner.
WHAT IT DOES: Dude. Stops you smelling like feet.
WHAT IT WON’T DO: Kick the goal, text the person you like, pass the maths test. That’s on you (but we back you.)
HOW TO USE IT: Apply to clean underarms daily or as needed. Forget BO problems then repeat. Covered.
SIZE: 60g