SHVITZ SPRITZ: SWEAT SPRAY WITH ALOE VERA AND KAKADU PLUM Double down on staying fresh by spraying this citrus scented spritz onto your body, clothes, sports kit. Will instantly make you the most popular person in your parents’ car or on public transport. Jam packed with the same powerful vitamin C, super antioxidants, cleansing botanicals and anti-odour natural salts as our deodorant, just in a vegan light mist sweat spray that’s as cool as you’ll smell and feel. Dermatologically tested and made clean and cruelty free in Sydney, Australia. WHY WE LOVE IT: Foolproof light mist spray. Juicy, ripe citrus scent. Powerful odour protection. Awesome. WHAT IT DOES: Gives you and all your stuff the superpower of freshness. WHAT IT WON’T DO: Make you invisible or able to fly. HOW TO USE IT: spray on body and clothes (not your face) after a good shvitz! While you’re at it…spray your best mate too! Bye BO. Hello admiration and new friends. SIZE: 50ml