Who we are:
Philosophy Australia is a Sydney based women’s fashion design house.
We have an established and highly regarded reputation for the creation of Australian designed and produced, quality, timelessly stylish statement pieces of Women’s-wear clothing that showcase our brand identity and yet remain true to our style philosophy.
“easy wear, easy care and anywhere”
Our boutique customers love our family company ethic and being part of the extension of that, whist also therefore supporting the local Australian Fashion Industry.
Philosophy Australia – The Trends you want, The Styles you need and, in the Quality, and Fit that you love.
Why we do, what we do:
“This is the best pant I’ve ever purchased” We hear this often. Why?
The fit, the quality of the fabric, the feel on the body, the value, the style longevity, the versatility of styling, the ease of care, the finer details, and the knowledge that they are supporting a local and ethical brand promoting Australian manufactured product.
We crave to hear ‘It’s a winner!” from our boutique owners and, “I love this garment!” from every public customer after every purchase.
How we do it:
FAMILY. We collaborate like a family with suppliers, contractors, and staff. We treat our wholesale customers, and our retail customers alike as part of our extended family. Therefore, we have a community of loyal and supportive customers, who cherish us as much as we do of them.
Our values are Respect / Professionalism / Reliability / Kindness. We aim to sprinkle kindness with every interaction, and to consistently exceed expectation and delight in Product Design, Quality & Service.
Brand Markers:
• Mid-level womenswear Label – Average recommended retail price is $179.00
• Not age driven – our public customer ranges anywhere from 30’s to 90’s.
• Lifestyle brand – our public customer is brand aware and favours unique labels from boutique curated stores rather than vertical (mass market/mainstream) mall outlets.
• Heritage – Australian made is our major selling point, and represents Quality
• Unique – We are unique in that we are one of only a few purely Australian labels
• Price – Our public customer is not price driven so we focus on Value instead
• Style – We cover the end uses of corporate wear, Weekend wear, Occasion wear, Outer wear and Resort wear within our collections. Allowing the boutiques to pitch our product in multiple ways and for us to appeal to as many buyers as possible.
• Versatility – our pieces have the clean, comfortable and contemporary feel that makes them timeless wardrobe additions which can be styled for many uses purely by accessories.

Brand Identity:
• Heritage – Australia, not just half of our name. Its who we are, proudly.
• Trust & Quality – Impeccable reputation for slow fashion manufacture
• Easy wear, easy care, wear anywhere/wear – Comfort, Fit, Versatility and effortless value
Customer Profile:
The Tea Party Design Concept.
Imagine a group of women at a tea party, this may have been organized as a charity event. The women are a medley of ages, sizes, ethnicities, at different stages of life, some work, some don’t, they may be related – mums and daughters; but they all have the common love of clothing at their core and care about their appearance and the world in which they live. She’s discerning, she’s sassy, she knows what she wants and likes and has kindness at her core.
Wholesaling, although the main priority of the business, is now only one part of the new Philosophy Australia story and makes up around 70% of the total sales now that fresh revenue streams of online retail 9% and manufacturing 21% have been added to the company profile.
Historically only available in discerning boutiques across the nation, our relatively new online Shopify store offers a capsule of beautifully timeless pieces which has increased the awareness of our bijou label and enabled us to support our loyal consumers and grow the “family”.
• Be one of Australia’s most relevant, popular and visible boutique clothing brands.
• Maximise the importance of our Australian heritage.
• Enhance our brand identity.
• Diversify our sales channels – increase online from 9% to 25% by end of 2025.
• Maintain a sustainable, profitable business model and entrepreneurial culture.

We are already seeing great ROAS, returning Customer rates and have built an extensive and engaged database and community. Becoming a part of the She – Com family, is our way of looking to expand and grow our knowledge to achieve our online aim.