We are Ella (29), Romey (18m) and Adam (30). We are an Australian family based on the sunny Gold Coast, Queensland. Adam is a Builder and Ella a Civil Engineer. We set on this venture shortly after our daughter commenced her treatment for a chronic gross motor delay at 6 months of age. Inspired by our beautiful daughter who is receiving therapies for a gross motor delay and armed with an amazing team of medical professionals, we set on our journey to ensure more families had access to readily available, attractive, and safe indoor foam play sets. When our search for a well-made, compact, and attractive indoor soft play for our daughter’s physiotherapy left us empty handed, we decided to do something about it.

Our focus was to find a high quality, resistant to indentation and lightweight foam climbing set for kids. We spent months sifting through samples and working with our trusted manufacturer to find the right foam insert and rearrangeable climbing layouts that would enable children to work on their gross motor skills. We now believe we have a range of indoor soft play sets to enable more Australian families to see their little one’s gross motor development thrive. Whatever age your little climber is, we have the climbing set for you! We know first-hand how important it is for babies as young as 8-months to be provided with a safe environment to climb, so we have opted for a range of foam climbing set sizes. Our littles climbing sets are suitable for the younger climbers and the play spaces that require more compact dimensions.

Whereas our tunnel and slides and toddling climbing sets are suitable for the toddling, walking, and running climbers and the play spaces that have ample room to spare.