I created this business because I was working as a fresh faced Radiographer at a major trauma centre in Melbourne and I wanted pink sparkly side markers to use at work. It was a requirement that we had left and right lead X-Ray Markers to annotate the side of the patient we were taking an X-Ray of. I thought it would be fun to have some pink ones and I couldn’t find any in Australia, so I decided to make my own. There is a blog post on my webiste of the process I undertook and I don’t recommend it to anyone! So ten years later I have now quit my job and I work full time on my business making X-Ray Markers for people all around the world. I have branched out to nametags and retractable badge reels for nurses and other healthcare workers. I like the idea that they can personalise their work accessories and use them to reflect who they are while they are at work. We put so much of ourselves into what we do at work, it is nice to be able to reflect that beyond the scrubs/uniform that is worn every day.