Hi my name is Amelie and my mum and I started Sage Pig Collection in 2022 we sell crystal jewelry and emotional support plushies we attend mostly markets and events as well as doing pop ups all over NSW we have a huge range of jewelry o our customers can all find something they love as well as use the crystals to help them grow spiritually in life, we say we help guide people on their journey to enlightenment 🙂

Our plushies were designed by me after a lot of sexual assault and bullying issues about 5-6 years ago, I realized that people like me needed help. I had been in and out of mental hospitals, seen multiple councilors and been to court. I saw all these beautiful souls struggle looking for answers and even though I could never provide all the answers they wanted I could provide something that helped to ease their stress and give them comfort in times of need. After all my experience in mental health I wanted, needed to do something and show people that even after the cruel world has thrown tsunamis at you, you can find the light and pull yourself out of the deep end.

My story has allowed me to create something that I can happily say has made a difference in over a thousand people’s lives. We have entered awards and shared my story with many people hoping to change ass many lives as possible. People love how inspirational our business is and can see the love and hard work put into our products.

The Dragon plushie is a beautiful Tiffany Blue Color, 82cm long or 2”8 feet tall, comes in treasure chest box, weighted beads in tummy and an Angel Number Necklace with A dragon on the back for protection! Its cloud like material provides all feelings of serenity and happiness and brings a level of comfort unlike any other.