Scoop Whole Beauty’s ‘Full-Loop Pure Mineral Powder Foundation SPF24+’ is a one-of-a-kind foundation that meets all your skin base needs while adhering to all your values. Named ‘Full-Loop’ due to its sustainable circular refill system whereby it maintains a closed loop. The ingredients are pure and the packaging is 100% plastic-free and refillable. This product firstly, is a beautiful powder foundation offering a buildable light-medium natural matte base, while evening out the skin tone and offering sun protection. Recommended for use with our Hydrating Herbal Primer which hydrates and calms the skin while allowing the powder to bind perfectly for flawless all-day coverage. Our Hypoallergenic formula is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, ageing and acne prone skin.

This product is a true multitasker, transformed into a light liquid cover, tinted glow serum or even a concealer when you simply add a few drops of our organic Australian jojoba oil. Simply add a pea sized amount of powder to you palm and 1 drop of oil for a concealer, 2 drops for a light liquid cover and 3-4 drops for a glowing tinted serum, all offering SPF protection and skin nourishing/hydrating benefits. Not only this, our Full-Loop Powder can even be used as the last step in your makeup routine as a finishing powder, creating a matte finish on top of your liquid cover, for a fixed flawless finish and shine reduction. It achieves full coverage when paired with our liquid cover as well as adding that all important extra SPF protection for daytime wear.

Our custom designed powder box is made from FSC certified bamboo, with an easily removable sifter for endless refilling. It currently comes in 5 shades – Light, Maca, Walnut, Medium, Tan. Zinc oxide assists in healing blemishes and Australian kaolin clay not only assists in balancing oils, but also helps extract impurities. Our mica is ethically sourced as with all our ingredients and we only use non-nano titanium dioxide for a completely non-toxic product.

We designed this product to be high performing and multifunctional, making premium products more affordable. It aligns with high ethical, eco and clean cosmetic values and standards, ticking all the boxes. Its is vegan and cruelty free, ethically sourced and made, palm oil free, 100% natural, clean and free from any toxins, nasties and preservatives, and of course made here in Australia. Our Packaging and refills meet the highest eco-friendly standards. There are two ways to refill, by purchasing a refill sachet online made from biodegradable waxed paper, or refilling in-store at any Scoop Wholefoods outlet, for a completely closed-loop and zero waste refill (both cost $36 – $10 off the original price, encouraging people to embrace the refilling process). Leading the way in Australian eco-beauty , we are pioneering a more planet-friendly future for premium toxic-free cosmetics. We are the worlds first to offer a completely zero-waste, in-store closed-loop refill option for natural mineral makeup and skincare, available in Australia, Singapore and launching this year in the UK and Dubai.

Our Full-Loop Pure Mineral Powder Foundation SPF24+ is a one-of-a-kind foundation that meets all your skin base needs while adhering to all your values. Pure and gentle ingredients in refillable bamboo packaging. It offers a buildable light-medium natural base. Add jojoba oil to transform into a tinted serum or concealer.

Made in Australia
100% traceable Ingredients
100% vegan
100% cruelty free
100% palm oil & palm derivative free
100% ethically sourced ingredients (no child labour, which is very important particularly for mica, which we get from Malaysia)

A primary ingredient within this product is Australian Kaolin clay, choosing to use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. If any other ingredient can be sourced from Australia, we will always chose this option. We reject any synthetic pigments and keep all ingredients as simple and pure as possible to not harm the planet and animal and marine life as well as supporting the health of our community.