Streamcatcher isn’t just 100% waterproof, it’s super absorbent, double-sided, and stain-proof. Machine washable and ultra-soft, it’s your perfect addition to any naughty date night or snuggly movie time. Ideal for all fluids, they easily wash like sheets, maintaining softness. Streamcatcher is made from polyester fleece and micro-velvet bonded with a waterproof layer made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). Non-toxic and BPA-free, it’s safe for all. Perfect for: Intimate moments and solo pleasure sessions, Free bleeding during menstrual cycles, Pet snuggling and protection, Baby and post-partum care, Camping and getaways, Couch styling Incontinence for humans and their fur friends. Double sided black on black waterproof soft plush blanket. Size 180cm/200cm. Colour Black