The Dirty Oar is a passionate and purpose-driven brand dedicated to enhancing the outdoor experience while championing skin cancer awareness and prevention. Our mission is to combat skin cancer by donating a percentage of all sales to skin cancer research. We offer a unique range of sun-safe fishing apparel designed for outdoor enthusiasts who love camping, fishing, and exploring nature.

Our best-selling Little Frangipani shirt epitomizes our commitment to quality, style, and protection. This shirt features a beautiful frangipani print that never fades or wears out, providing both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting durability. Made with UPF 50+ rated fabric, it offers maximum protection against harmful UV rays, allowing you to stay safe in the sun for longer periods. The Little Frangipani shirt is designed with extra-wide collars and cuffs for enhanced protection and quick-dry, moisture-wicking material to keep you cool and dry. Available in sizes ranging from kids size 2 to 3XL (special order for larger sizes), this shirt is perfect for the whole family.