Eyeliner application is a worldwide struggle. TheGuideliner is the world’s first peel, press and seal winged eyeliner that eliminates common challenges, offering a foolproof and quick solution ideal for busy mums, those who have never mastered the skill, and individuals with limited motor skills. They’re 100% waterproof, sweat proof and smudge proof, that also last up to three days. Our eco-friendly, soy-based pigments underscore our commitment to sustainability and skin health, while our fully recyclable and compostable packaging further aligns with our environmental goals. Each Guideliner has an infinite shelf life and is bacteria-free, as you use a fresh wing each time, unlike traditional eyeliners. Proudly designed, made, and manufactured in Australia, our product simplifies beauty routines, making professional-looking eyeliner accessible and inclusive to everyone. We are currently in talks with huge beauty influencer based in the US, and another which focuses on beauty routines for disabled people.