About TOD Candles:
TOD Candles it the ultimate home fragrance and decor brand designed to enhance and elevate certain moments of your day. Passion for creating time in your day to celebrate the little things, is core to the business. We are lovers of effortless style and subtle aromas, deliberately choosing fragrances to enhance certain moments and make your day as unique as you are. We are advocates of distinction and enjoy standing out! All TOD Candles are hand poured into wine bottles, using soy wax, premium fragrance oils and cotton wicks.

About Time to Be Happy:
Manifest good vibes with the delicate balance of earthy, citrus and floral tones.
This unique scent, blended with a comforting base of cedar and saffron and topped with intriguing notes of wood, fig and guava, is designed to inspire feelings of happiness and love. The earthy warmth of cedar and the exotic richness of saffron provide depth and intrigue. When mixed with the sweet and refreshing notes of fig and guava, this fragrance can be enjoyed all year round, and on any occasion. This complex, yet harmonious blend is well-rounded and is equally uplifting as it is comforting. This might just be my favourite blend yet!

THE PERFECT TIME TO BURN: Any day is the perfect day to feel happy.
BEST PAIRED WITH: The best version of yourself.