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Creating so much hype people go to THREE COLES to find you with Iris Smit from The Quick Flick 

Would you turn down a huge investment in your business?

You may have already seen today’s guest either with her viral videos on TikTok, being featured on Shark Tank or as part of the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Iris Smit used $10,000 as a 22-year-old student to create her own beauty product in 2017 called The Quick Flick – a “game-changing” eyeliner that stamps the perfect wing-tip look.

Since then Iris has launched many other game-changing products as well as a second business, The Beauty Fridge and landed deals to be stocked in Priceline and Coles, and selling across the world. Iris very cleverly leverages social media and PR opportunities to create hype and demand for her products which means they fly off shelves the second they arrive and her warehouse is constantly chasing to keep up.

If you’re a SHE-compreneur who wants to land in major retailers or increase your social presence, this episode is for you!

We chat:

✨How to get major retailers to say YES! And create demand for your product in store 

✨ Using social media to go VIRAL and find new customers  

✨ How to get customers to fall in love with your new products before they’ve even launched

… and SO much more


You can find Iris over at @thequickflick and The Quick Flick or @irisjade.

Head to the MUSQ website or follow them on Instagram @musqcosmetics

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