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Today, Lisa talks about the five biggest regrets she hears from clients when launching their ecommerce brands, a topic that everyone in ecommerce can relate to.

Let’s dive in!

#1 Not Capturing Emails from Day 1

What typically happens for entrepreneurs is that they remember to do things after already starting. Often, they figure things out as they go. However, that’s not always efficient and productive.

One of the fundamental things you should do is capture email addresses from day one. This way, you can build a list of people you can market and sell to.

The email list is something that you can leverage off on days that you need to raise cash flow. It’s how you can stay connected to your audience, nurture them, and keep them coming back.

We need to connect with people up to eight times for our brand before prospective clients make their first purchase. The goal is to generate at least 30% of your sales from your emails. There are various ways to build your email list. You could include free resources, access to a discount, or a pre-launch of your product.

#2 Not Capturing Brand Reviews

Your brand will often have reviews here and there. You might even get an incredible email from someone who has purchased your product.

Take a screenshot of these reviews and share them on your social platforms. Capture reviews so you can repurpose them and share them across channels. If you haven’t already, start capturing your customer reviews now and see how it helps convert at a higher rate.

#3 Nurture Your Community

Keep creating content and use it to nurture your community. Don’t just send out automated emails. Make it personal, and address their pain points. Use 30% of the time selling to your audience and the remaining 70% to nurture and add value.

Make them fall in love with your brand; share a story that would keep them coming and buying your products.

Share to your audience your journey, from the beginning to what your brand is now. Share some behind-the-scenes with your audience and make them feel that they’re valued in your community.

#4 Doing Things on Cheap

Launching an ecommerce brand is difficult; you lose yourself in all the decisions you need to make. You may not have a big budget, so you test the waters. While that is a good approach, sometimes, it compromises your brand’s future strategies.

Today, there are beautiful products and beautiful women that are represented with cheap websites. You don’t want your prospective customers to visit that kind of website.

So, invest. Spend your money to give you a better quality website, better packaging, and a better unboxing experience.

#5 Not Connecting To Your Community

This is usually a lonely journey. You may have friends or families who aren’t supportive of your brand. This may cause loneliness and isolation.

So, look for women in your industry, connect with a community, and find an outlet that will hear your voice. Find an army to join who can support you and uplift you moving forward.

There you go. Remember the five biggest regrets that many ecommerce brand owners have. If you’re guilty of any of these, you can start working on changing them today! Remember, you can’t change the past but you can change the future.

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