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With the commercialisation of traditional social media platforms, your potential customers are shifting towards more authentic, genuine, and user-centric platforms for entertainment. 

And as a powerful platform for short-form videos, TikTok holds tremendous potential to play with eCommerce TikTok marketing!

TikTok for eCommerce has enormous prospects for brands to build their social presence and capture new audiences.

In this episode, Lisa discusses a few ideas you can try to break into TikTok marketing.

How to use TikTok for brands

Instagram is trying hard to compete with TikTok by promoting its short-form videos and reels to create engagement. And although Instagram may be a great branding platform for your brand, TikTok is where you can get massive traction early on.  TikTok marketing is a unique opportunity for highly engaging video content. 

Instagram is still great for featuring high-end videos, but TikTok wants you to be less polished and more authentic, and that’s where it has the edge over Instagram.

The not-so-polished content you post on Instagram may not get high levels of engagement, but might work on TikTok because it doesn’t require you to be high-end and perfectly produced.  By this, we mean that the content that is not “perfect” enough for Instagram might see higher engagement on TikTok.

Here are some tips on how TikTok e-commerce works and how to use TikTok for brands.

Add A Discount Code to Your TikTok

If you’re considering whether it’s safe to buy from TikTok, then look at how smartly other brands are selling on the platform. 

A TikTok code will give you insights into whether you are gaining traction on TikTok. Plus, it can help find new customers (and make sales) when you add a code linking to your website and converting your TikTok audience into buyers.

Link With Other Social Media Sites

Another way to redirect your audience to your brand is by linking your TikTok with your Instagram account. 

Once the audience is hooked, they might want to dig more about you and your brand, and that’s where these links work for you – it helps give your potential customers a more holistic view of your brand.

What To Post on TikTok for E-Commerce Brand?

Raw clips and BTS are what’s working well for brands on TikTok where the audience is looking for either education or entertainment. They are looking for something funny or to learn something new. So, aim to create fun, interactional, educational content that will engage your audience.

How Often Should You Post on TikTok?

The answer is as often as you can consistently do it. 3-5 times a week is fantastic to commit to when you first get started. A thoughtful way to post always is by making videos in batches and saving them in TikTok drafts. By this, you won’t have to drive yourself crazy about what to post each day as you always have something in the pool.

Get the most out of TikTok Analytics

You can learn many things about how e-commerce videos perform on TikTok and, most importantly, who your audience is. The analytics tell you a lot about what and when to post to get the most out of the platform.

Using Trending Audio

Get the most out of your posts by using trending audio to go along with your content – this will give you a much better chance of going viral.

Hashtags as keywords on TikTok

TikTok algorithms listen to every word you say on your video’s voice-over and use it as a keyword to be shown to the right audience. So, you can use this to your advantage – reach out to your targeted audience by using relevant hashtags as keywords.

Repurpose user-generated content

Use your audience to generate content for you. Make a hashtag for your brand and ask people to make videos on it which you can then repurpose.

Like everything, show up, give it a crack and see how TikTok for eCommerce can do wonders for your brand!

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