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Through building my e-commerce brands and coaching 300 women in growing their own, I have extensive personal and professional experience running an e-commerce business. I know we’re wearing so many different hats trying to be everything in our businesses, often making it up as we go, which results in the same mistakes happening again and again. 

In this episode, I’m sharing the 3 biggest mistakes I see e-commerce business owners making every day. Firstly, it’s so important for you to do an audit of your business to keep a real-time in-depth view of how your business is doing and pivot where you need to change. Don’t be afraid to sit down and take a critical look! 

These common mistakes are holding you back in your business and preventing you from reaching more clients. I want you to have abundant results so I’m sharing 3 proven tips and strategies that you can implement immediately to increase your sales. 

Grab a pen and paper to write them down and start making changes today.

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