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When we’re feeling overwhelmed, it can be so tempting to just give up. We become stuck on a never-ending hamster wheel of doing everything in our business so we simply stop looking after and prioritising our own wellbeing. This stress goes on to affect our relationships with families and friends and leaves us exhausted.

I know exactly how it feels. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

In this episode, I’m so excited to be sharing my easy to follow 5 step plan you can implement when you’re feeling overwhelmed. I know that in the early days of an eCommerce brand, you’ll be doing absolutely everything but you can still use these tools to take a moment to breathe whilst still maintaining a laser focus on your big goals and projects.

I’ve broken my method down into 5 very easy steps you can take immediately to rebalance and re-center yourself when everything is just becoming too much. Try them out today!

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