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Highs and lows are normal patterns in e-commerce, and the truth is, every entrepreneur may at times feel stuck or anxious. If you’re feeling that way, you’re not alone! Even businesses hitting million-dollar months can have concerns about cashflow and the future of their business.

But in e-commerce, the things you do when sales are slow can make all the difference.

Here are five effective strategies to help you when sales slow down.

Go with it!

We work hard when sales are good, and we work hard when sales are bad. Therefore, we always work and forget to slow down, recuperate, and reconnect with our families. Don’t panic when sales are down; instead, use the time to rest.

Find beautiful and fulfilling activities that you can do with your family. Get your mini-vacation, deeply rest, and go with the cycle. Sometimes we need to embrace that when sales slow down, instead of thinking about the money.

Continue to show up on socials and emails

We tend to contract when we’re scared. When we do this, we don’t show up. We forget to make stories and get creative with our reels. We don’t promote and nurture our audience. This is the opposite of what you need to do.

Always show up on socials, even when sales are down. Show your audience that you practice what you preach by being with your family. Don’t just use the grind time to convince them to buy your products. Instead, show up and create nurturing emails to your audience.

Analyze your numbers

Women often have a terrible habit of ignoring the numbers, which is a grave mistake. Get a little bit sherlock home-sy with your numbers and try to know what they mean. Determine what your numbers are trying to say. Check the following data:

  • Web conversion rate. Try to bump your website conversion to more than 3%.
  • Returning customer rate. This means the number of repeat buyers you have. Get a rate above 50% of your sale.
  • Average value order. The average value order depends on the products or services you offer. However, the ideal number is $100 for every order.
  • Pages per session. The ideal number of pages are 3 – 5 pages per session. Your website is fund and engaging if your audience visits at least three pages per session.

Check out The Academy if you’re interested in learning more about the meaning behind your numbers.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket

So many eCommerce brands get this wrong. Consider advertising, and don’t focus on just one platform. Try collaborations and using multiple advertising platforms. Look for channels to find more customers and spread out your budget. Be clever with your organic and paid advertising strategies.

Work on your website when things are quiet

Our coaching focuses heavily on CRO or conversion right optimization and user experience in your website. Make a website that your audience likes to continue scrolling on until they purchase. Use the quiet time to check out our coaching seminar and further understand how to improve your website.

Your goal is for your audience to fall in love with your brand and the opportunity lies the very first time they land your website. Get your eCommerce website right by addressing your audience’s pain points instead of just telling them the pros of your products.

There you go! Those are the five things that you can do when sales slow down. Get a good rest, connect with like-minded women entrepreneurs, and get mentorship. Check out the website for freebies and available coaching seminars for you!

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