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Although I often tell the women I coach not to compare themselves to other brands (in particular, how you perceive their success), I do recommend occasionally stalking your competitors and other ecommerce brands you’re impressed with, to help you grow your business.

The key here is to get out there, see what everyone else is doing, and take inspiration from them – but be careful not to plagiarise!

Checking out your competitors is a great way to see what other brands in your space are offering and what they’re doing to grow their business.

And while I wholeheartedly recommend a cheeky stalk to see if you can adopt any cool strategies your competitors are utilising, remember to maintain your brands sense of uniqueness. After all, your brand’s point of difference is what gives you the best chance of making sales!

Finding Your Crush Brand

The first thing is to find five crush brands/websites you like. They may be your direct competitors, or they might be brands from a complementary category.

These may be brands from other countries as well. Do your research, and you’ll be shocked at how many brands there are to get inspiration from.

Watch out for what they’re doing. For example, check out their website, copy, product images, product range, about pages, shipping policies, promotions, social media and other strategies. Sign up to their email list and see what they’re doing there.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re going to plagiarise and copy everything – you’re just looking for inspiration on how to improve your own website, socials and email content while staying true to your brand.

Get creative and think of how you can create or improve on your own story from the inspiration you get from all your crush brands.

Buy From Them

Once you’ve identified your crush brands, the next thing to do is buy from them.
This lets you see how they deliver, how well they communicate with their customers, and what experience they give to their audience every time they ship out their products. Take note and figure out how to integrate their strategies into your brand.

Just a solid and straightforward reminder: Do not copy everything they’re doing.

However, allow your crush brands to give all these ideas and let these ideas inspire you to adapt to how they do things and offer the best products and services to their customers.

Make your life easier by tweaking what they do. Stop staring at an empty canvas but instead, go out there and see what others are doing. Be inspired, be motivated, and be creative.

As a recap, find five crush brands and do your research. Check out their websites, promos, delivery, and other strategies. Take screenshots, save them, and use these for inspiration now or further down the track.

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