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In this episode of Ecommerce Uncomplicated, Lisa talks about authority and how critical it is to grow your business.

She also dives into the psychology of selling and how our brain processes information on every website we visit.

Let’s dive in.

Imagine the Scenario

Imagine that you’re going to buy a widget. You go to Google and type in widget plugins. You check out websites, and you’re subconsciously processing how trustworthy these websites are. Your brain is looking out for indications and signs that a website is a safe place. You won’t put your credit card information anywhere. You need a site where you feel secure to give details.

This is how important authority and trustworthiness is. It’s a critical part of your website, social media, email, and SMS campaigns.

Why Build Website Authority

Building authority essentially means that you’re telling website visitors that your products and services are excellent. Authoritative websites will often have the following:

  • Accolades of awards
  • Reviews from people in the same industry
  • High social proof ratings
  • Reviews from customers

These are all authority indicators and thus, increase your conversion rate, revenue, and the number of sales. Focus on revenue results and converting more prospective site visitors into purchasing clients. In a sense, it is the lifeblood of your eCommerce business.

Ways to get Authority

There are a lot of ways to get authority. Consider trust symbols such as credit cards and payment symbols. Other possible ways are:

  • Credit card icons
  • Gateway logos
  • User generator content
  • Influencer content creation
  • Social proofs and reviews
  • Media and awards


Lisa talks about authority because she’s launching a sub-brand called SHE-com for all the epic women who are in Ecommerce. Lisa is rolling out a whole Ecommerce strategy, social media following, and community around the SHE-com movement. This year, Lisa is starting in Australia and hopefully will, later on, be available for women in Ecommerce from other parts of the world.

Vanessa Megan is a beautiful skincare brand in Australia. If you look at her website, you can see her list of awards and accolades. You can check out her product pages, and once you scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see logos and award-winning medallions plastered around the products. Your brain automatically sees it and deems it trustworthy.

This is a form of authority that helps you sell more online. It’s difficult to convince prospective clients that your products are amazing without trust icons. Even when you have trust in your product and know what you’re selling is of a premium quality, it’s still not enough to convince your audience.

So, check out the SHE-com awards by visiting and then awards – this is one way to get an award for your own product.


Another way of building authority is by getting social proof. This means reviews from people who have purchased your products. It can also be from influencers who received free products from you.

You want to get snippets of their reviews and display them across your homepage, email, and social media. You can even get video testimonials as well. Capture that social proof and learn how to repurpose their written and video reviews on all your channels.


Get your product listed on television, newspapers, radio, and magazines. You may think it tricky, but it’s not impossible. Check out Aussie Man Hands and see how it’s been mentioned at least four times by big media outlets in Australia. Their logos are found under the hero banner, above the homepage fold. It adds a huge amount of authority to your brand if reputable and high-level media outlets mention you. Media outlets care about the hook. So, if you want them to see you, send them your hook. They love good stories and when you’re able to provide them that they’ll give you the media placement you need to increase product authority.

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Vanessa Megan
Aussie Man Hands

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