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Looking for the ultimate cheat sheet to achieving success in your business?

Unlock the secret to epic sales growth in our 6-step masterclass, “Everything You Need to Succeed” led by our incredible SHE-com founder, Lisa Jones. We’ve helped many businesses like yours achieve record results, and now it’s your turn!

Want to start using TikTok to grow your brand, but not sure how it works?  Maybe you’ve already started but need help getting seen. Either way, this guide is for you!

Inside you’ll learn how to grab your audience’s attention, employ storytelling to connect deeply, and how to turn viewers into loyal, paying customers.

Tailored for businesses aiming for growth, this is the essential playbook for making your brand stand out on TikTok.

So, you built a website, have a great product range and are still sitting there scratching your head wondering why there are crickets? Why aren’t people rushing your website and buying like crazy?

Chances are you now need to focus on driving new traffic to your website. You need eyes on your brand, fingers on the buttons clicking BUY NOW!

So, we put together a quick guide for you with 5 ways you can drive traffic to your website.

For most of us, the balance is uneven and we put ourselves at the bottom of the list. We get stuck in mummy guilt, and we forget why we are losing ourselves in building a business which has taken over our lives.

In this guide, I want to share with you the 5 Steps I used to change my life and my business, and I’m hoping these will help get you off the mousewheel you live on each day! You can immediately action these strategies into your own business and family, and reduce your working hours too!

Did you know that most of your customers don’t actually care about the main features and benefits of your product?

Sure, they’re worth mentioning. But what you really need to highlight to your customers is how your product will benefit them personally – how your product will transform their lives and make them feel happier in some way.

In this guide I’ve outlined the exact steps you need to take to nail your transformational sell and start selling more online today!

We know that getting traffic to your site is just part of the e-commerce battle – converting that traffic into sales is the next step!

We’ve put together this 10-step trust audit for you, to give your site more credibility and help turn those site visitors into loyal, paying customers!

Need help driving up your online revenue?

One way we can do this is by SEO – search engine optimisation. Optimising your website to allow search engines like Google to find you – and rank you highly – is one of the easiest ways to boost your business. And best of all – it’s pretty much free!

Great product images are essential in e-commerce. Unlike in physical stores, online customers can’t touch or interact with products, so images play a vital role in their decision-making process. High-quality, accurate images not only showcase products effectively but also build trust with site visitors. 

We’ve put together some tips to taking your own product images without breaking the bank.

With over 700,000 independent retailers around the world buying from businesses like yours, we think it’s a no-brainer!

Join Lisa Jones from SHE-com and Adam Karpas, Manager – Brands Partnerships at Faire for a FREE masterclass

Do you want to know how to sell MORE on the platform, and ensure it’s a successful wholesale channel for you and your business?

Join Lisa Jones from SHE-com and Adam Karpas, Manager – Brands Partnerships at Faire for a FREE masterclass on how to use Faire to amplify your wholesale sales.

Want to know exactly what to expect when you join our Scale Mastermind?

Join Anaita Sarkar & Lisa Jones for a behind-the-scenes tour of SHE-com Scale.

If you want to discover if this program is the right fit for you, put this on your must-watch list!

Want the inside scoop on how to increase your conversion rate (and sell more online)?

When you double your conversion rate, you double your sales… it’s as simple as that!

Watch this masterclass where we unpack some simple tips and strategies you can start using today to get more sales for your online store.

Are you tired of spending on Facebook ads that don’t deliver results? Are you looking for a game-changing strategy to boost your business? Join us for a FREE masterclass where we will show you the evergreen Facebook ads that deliver BIG results for our clients… and will deliver big results for you, too!

We know how much you need to supercharge your sales, so that you have a business that actually pays you… so we’ve pulled apart what’s working right now for the women in our group, to help you succeed!

Join Lisa Jones from SHE-com as she shows you the EXACT six steps you should be focusing on in this tougher 2023 market, to make sure you not only survive… but thrive!

During this masterclass you’ll gain invaluable insights into the strategies that are currently driving success for the women in our community. These women are scaling their businesses into the millions with a simple, easy to follow framework that you can learn too!

Join Lisa as she covers the areas of your business you should be working on to double (or triple) your sales!

Join Anaita Sarkar as she hosts Shopify’s Tricia Fallows to explore the latest consumer insights and her top retention tips post-sales season.

Also joining the masterclass will be Zhoe Low, Global General Manager of trailblazing luggage brand July for an in-depth discussion and audience Q&A.

Content is one of the most powerful pieces of your tool kit as an e-commerce brand owner. We need to ensure you are producing copy and content which engages your audience, makes them “fall in love” with you and your brand a little, and get to know, like and trust you.

As a result, the words we use can either make or break our brand.

In this E-commerce guide, I wanted to share with you some really influential words to super charge your copy, along with some fantastic call to action words.