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How do you build a multimillion dollar e-commerce brand? Introducing SHE-talks E-commerce with Lisa Jones

Are you wondering HOW your favourite e-commerce brands have landed in large retailers? Created products that sell out the second they launch? Or balanced the infamous mummy juggle whilst building an empire?

Well we have the podcast for you!

In this podcast your host and serial entrepreneur Lisa Jones interviews founders and industry experts to unpack their journey to success and shares ACTUAL STRATEGIES you can implement to live a life that sets your soul on fire.

Lisa has built and scaled three MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR online businesses over the last 14 years, and now runs SHE-com – a community built to help women in e-commerce collaborate, learn, grow and scale their businesses whilst creating a life on their terms.

Whether you’re an e-commerce entrepreneur owner looking to scale, or you’re right at the start of your e-com journey with just an idea – this podcast is for you!

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