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How SHE added a RISKY new product and kept her customers for LIFE with Mel Haque From Wild Dough – PART TWO

Do you have a new product idea but you’re TERRIFIED to launch it because you’re worried it might take away from your existing sales?

If you haven’t listened to PART ONE of this interview, I highly recommend skipping back an episode and doing that first with your pen and paper in hand. 

Today’s guest is Mel Haque from Wild Dough and not only is she the trade show and government contract queen we spoke about in the last episode, Mel has introduced a product that MOST people would be terrified to THINK about let alone launching. 

Wild Dough was born out of a huge gap Mel saw in the market as a mum and has gone on to become a brand that over 250,000 Victorian families have as part of their Kinder Kits and has won 11 awards across 3 continents. 

In PART TWO of this episode, we cover some KEY brand lessons that might just reframe how you think about your products entirely.

We chat:

How to keep your customers FOR LIFE (even if you acquire them as babies!) 

All things PR and how to do it in the most COST-EFFECTIVE way 

Why Mel launched a new product that had the potential to cannibalize growth of her existing hero product

… and SO much more



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