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How SHE became a Household Name with Jo Mercer

How do you become a household name?

This week we’re sitting down with Jo Mercer, the woman behind Jo Mercer Footwear and Co-founder of Matilda Life.

Jo began her entrepreneurial journey by securing private equity and launching her namesake brand back in 1998, we chat through what it took to grow during those years and why Jo took the leap that some often dream of … leaving to go back to the corporate world!

Jo has had so much success and experience in the manufacturing world so if you’re looking to grow and scale your business this ep is a must listen!

We chat:

✨ Jo’s cash flow HORROR story that could happen to ANYONE

✨ Why choosing the right business partner is SO important

✨ Our views on entering into the 2024 economy and what we’re doing about it

✨ Why Jo QUIT her growing empire to rejoin the corporate world

… and SO much more

​​If you haven’t listened to our full episode with Gabi, and you want to learn how SHE went viral on Tiktok and landed in MoMA NYC then be sure to have a listen here.

You can find Jo Mercer here and Matilda Life here or on Instagram @jomercershoes and @matildalifeaustralia.


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