How To Position Your Product As The Hero, And Why That Sells More

In the olden days of 2019, we used to sell products based on the features and benefits. The pricing, the length, the colour options. But this has shifted, and we now need to shift with it!!

We are so short of time and attention and when we click on a website, we have mere moments while we decide – is this for me or shall I click off?

Therefore, if you are still selling on features and benefits, most of your traffic won’t even get to your features and benefits before they click off your website!!

So, Lisa, what do we do instead?

Well, my friends, great question!! You sell on the solution; on the transformation they will receive by buying your products!!

You show them how you will take their pain point, and give them a brand new day!! Because none of us open up our wallets unless we have a problem or a pain point and we need to fix it.

When your customer feels understood, when they know you get them, they will keep reading. And the aim of your website header and hero banner (anything above the fold) is to keep them scrolling down. Piqué their interest enough to stay looking. Phew! They want to know more!!!

In doing this, we position our products as the HERO to them, something that can solve their problem, and if this is positioned correctly, we can really gain buy in by our customers.

“OMG They GET me!!!!” is a common thing we hear when we position a brand correctly.

In addition, we want your customer to see YOU as the founder of the product as the HERO that created the HERO if you know what I mean!!

When all of this is done correctly, we allow our potential customers to feel really engaged with our brand, to spend the time on our websites browsing and to BUY from us!

When we continue to offer a warm, connected brand offering, and back it up with a WOW delivery on our products, we will bring those clients back again and again!

Lisa xx

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