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How to RAISE CAPITAL, SCALE and SELL your business with Taryn Williams from The Right Fit & #gifted

If you went on holidays for a month tomorrow would your business still operate? Would it still grow?

If you’re looking to sell your business there are a few questions you need to be asking yourself and to share her wildy successful exit story (AND all of the fun beforehand) I am joined by someone I’ve had an E-com crush on for a very long time … Taryn Williams!

Taryn is the powerhouse behind Wink Models, The Right Fit & #Gifted and in this ep we’re going into the nitty gritty details behind raising capital, exiting a business and setting yourself up to scale from day one.

Aside from growing these incredible businesses Taryn is also regularly in the media and a speaker of choice for many businesses including Mumbrella, Business Chicks, Vivid, The Collective Hub and SHE-com of course.

This ep is longer than usual but MAKE SURE you stick around to the end as we talk about all thing personal branding and how YOU can position yourself as the expert in your field. 

You’ll hear:

The things you NEED to do to set your business up to SELL

How to get your products into the hands of influencers & content creators FOR FREE 

Why your personal brand is important (ESPECIALLY if you want to exit!)

… and SO much more

Follow Taryn over @tarynwilliams, @hashgifted and @winkmodels


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