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How to scale GLOBALLY fast with Kelly Walker from Klipsta

Sometimes all you need is just ONE great idea…

Today’s incredible guest, Kelly Walker, found herself sick and tired of digging through lost property trying to find hats that her kids had lost at school and figured there had to be a way to help her little ones hold onto their hats. 

Just three years ago, Kelly had a lightbulb moment and decided to do something about it. Fast forward to today where she has warehouses in Melbourne and San Diego, sells over $270K/month on Amazon, is stocked in hundreds of stores worldwide and is now conquering not only the US market but the Asian market too. 

Kelly shares SO much in this episode, as we chat about her wins and losses along the way as well as the logistics of producing 40,000 units every single month, shipping, advertising and so much more. We also talk about the mindset, tenacity and resilience that Kelly has cultivated to get her business to where it is now and how ‘disasters’ in business can often have amazing silver linings.

We chat:

The paid channels that are giving her $14 back for every dollar spent! 

How Kelly’s mindset has enabled her to keep showing up despite the setbacks 

✨The events that seemed like DISASTERS but were actually opportunity for GROWTH

… and SO much more


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