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The EXACT 6 steps you need to focus on to succeed in 2023

Need to Supercharge Your Sales? So that you have a business that actually pays you?
We get it. And that’s why we have pulled apart what’s working in business right now and developed a simple 6 step framework to give you everything you need to succeed!

When: Thursday, 10 August at 12pm (AEST)

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Join host Lisa Jones from SHE-com as she shows you the EXACT six steps you should be focusing on in this tougher 2023 market, to make sure you not only survive…but thrive!

What we will cover in this masterclass:

We’ve worked with over 500 female-founded online businesses, and using our best success stories have identified the exact areas you need to be working on to make sure your business is a selling-machine right NOW.

Join Lisa as she covers the areas of your business you should be working on to double (or triple) your sales!


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