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My Week with Jade Compston of Coated in Country Charm

Today we are introducing Jade from Coated in Country Charm, whose business sells unique handmade products to assist others with their own refurbishing journeys.

My name is Jade, and I have developed a business teaching and inspiring people about recycling and transforming furniture.

After 8 years in the corporate world, COVID came along and threw a lot of challenges at my family.

Both my husband and I were trying to work non flexible 9-5 jobs from home with a 3 and 4 year old to care for.

A few too many webinars and meetings with children crying in the background later, I knew it was just too stressful to maintain and a change was needed, so I could be more present for my children.

I had been refinishing for myself personally and had been selling pieces I had created and knew it was a direction I wanted to pursue. 

Now I sell unique handmade products to assist others with their own refurbishing journeys, I have DIY Transformation Boxes for everyone including brand new beginners here in Australia and sell an eBook Guide for my international friends.

I want to make it normal for everyone to transform what they already have, rather than throw it out and buy something new when their style changes.

I love that my week is constantly different and so exciting!



I love Mondays as it’s the first day of the week for me to get stuck into new tasks and my business after a weekend with the family.

I start with social media as I have a large social media base, and try to be consistent about posting content.

I share one reel, video or post to the three platforms I use regularly: Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, then I drop my kids off to kindergarten and daycare.

I then get stuck into some hands-on work transforming furniture.  This week I have two large commission pieces on the go. I still do some client commission transformation work as it’s great content for my socials.


Tuesday was a good e-commerce order day for me, so I packed those orders.

I also had a tricky one. I recently added some Textured Art to my website, that I had fun creating and the first piece sold. So I had to work out how to wrap and post that. I’m still a little concerned if it’s going to get to Tasmania in one piece, as even though I wrote fragile everywhere I don’t hold high hopes for Australia Post paying attention to that!


Wednesday I was a little low on motivation to finish my furniture pieces.

It’s so cold in Victoria and I really would have preferred to be inside working on my website and new products but I found the motivation to get out in the shed and work.

I packed some more orders and then picked my kids up. I’m getting a little low on stock and can’t wait for more to arrive in 2 weeks. I also started the next stock order hoping I might be able to get in front.


Thursday was very exciting as it was my photography day. I had sent my products off to the photographer for my new release, so I had a few calls about what we wanted to do and how we wanted the shoot to feel. I can’t wait to see the end result.

I kept working on my furniture commission pieces and making sure to film for content creation.


Friday is my day with my two beautiful children.We spent the morning at swimming lessons and went for a play at the park. We all went for an adventure to Officeworks so I could get some packing supplies and of course I had to get a notebook and special glitter pen for both the kids for helping mum do her jobs. When we returned home I had some images from the photographer so I jumped on the computer for a little while to have a look and was so happy with them.

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