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Whether you’re an e-commerce entrepreneur owner looking to scale, or you’re right at the start of your e-com journey with just an idea - this podcast is for you!

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Hey there gorgeous!

I'm Lisa Jones, the founder of SHE-com.

Mum of three, founder of 3 x multi-million dollar brands, passionate e-commerce coach, speaker, author, podcast host and creator of SHE-com.

And I’m Mel Haque Founder of Wild Dough.

Expert in multi-stream marketing strategies, influencer marketing and building business teams and productions processes. I’m also the Chief of Marketing at SHE-com.

Looking for your new Biz Besties?

Do you feel alone in your business journey as a female business owner? Are you struggling to juggle it all? Do you wish you had ACTUAL STRATEGIES to get out of overwhelm, increase your efficiency AND skyrocket your e-commerce sales?

In this podcast your hosts and serial entrepreneurs Lisa Jones and Mel Haque interview founders and industry experts to unpack their journey to success and share actionable takeaways that YOU can implement to build a balanced life that sets your soul on fire! Lisa and Mel work together inside SHE-com - a community built to help women in e-commerce collaborate, learn, grow and scale their businesses whilst creating a life on their terms.


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Whether you're an aspiring e-commerce entrepreneur with ambitions to scale or someone who's just starting out with a great e-commerce idea, this podcast is for you!