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SHE-com Case Study

"I would also like to celebrate hitting 10k this month, as of literally 5 mins ago! Having only launched in mid-September, this feels like an absolute dream and I’m really proud of the work I’ve put in to get here! There is sooooo much still to learn and I can’t wait to grow my business even more. Feels like such a supportive group of women and it’s incredible to be a part of this community."

Elle Kiffer

SHE-com Case Study

Laura Campbell joined SHE-com in August 2022, seeking support to launch her product, the Hackerlily Hipsurfer.

With access to our E-commerce coaches, she gained guidance and feedback on marketing and building her website and social media following. She maximized the program by immersing herself in training modules and connecting with the community.

Laura launched her product in February 2023 and achieved over $10,000 in sales within 3.5 weeks.
With the support of SHE-com, Laura successfully built her brand and is excited about the future of her business.

“All this came about because of the way I was able to learn, build my brand and build my community. Being surrounded by incredible women on the same journey as me and the access you can get to these private communities, is second to none.”

Laura Campbell

(launched with SHE-com support and sold $10k in her first month of business)

“I just had to share my win for the week after Larissa helped me to code our collection pages. We went from ranking 100 to 1 for knotted gowns!! And number 2 for so many of our other collections.” I’m in week 3 of this course and I am slowly implementing the necessary changes to my website to increase my conversion rate. Feels like such a supportive group of women and it’s incredible to be a part of this community.”

Katie Carter

Snuggly Jacks

“The Scale program has been a game changer for me – after sitting at a certain monthly revenue for years, in just a few months I have been able to increase revenue by 50%, but most importantly I know how to hold on to that growth and keep that momentum. Having the experts and other businesswomen to bounce ideas off is invaluable.”

Ariel Blackman


Ruth Quinn

Bambino Bagz

“I know it’s only been a few days but so far our conversion rate is up from 1.85% to 3.1% with the new website and I haven’t even added everything yet. So excited.”

Jayne Pavic`

Monti & Me

“When I joined the e-commerce academy by Lisa Jones, my conversion rate was under 1%. My conversion rate is now 3.19%.
Love being in this tribe – learning from the best and us all rising up together.”

"I’ve done a few different courses over the years and this has been by far the best. Since joining The Academy, I feel more drive to do what I love, I’m a lot more passionate, I’ve got a lot more confidence and I just love being part of the community Lisa has created and the beautiful coaches that are part of that. We doubled our revenue last month.”

Shakira Hanson

Founder of Hanson Candle Co.

“Just wanted to share my win. After 6 months of rebranding and having a new website built. I launched a week ago and have done $2.5k in sales! I know it’s early days, but after a DEAD October , this just brings me so much joy!”

“I DID IT!!! I cracked my first ever $7k month today!! The most I’ve ever done is $5k, so this made me happy dance."

Stephanie Gough

The Boho Camping Co

"Having the expert coaches essentially at my finger tips means I don’t procrastinate for long, each time I get stuck, I’m able to ask for advice, take confident action and move on to the next thing. Scale has helped me become more proactive than reactive and work out what I need to do to shift the needle immediately, while planning some big moves that have the potential to shift Sun Bella into the next gear.Feels like such a supportive group of women and it’s incredible to be a part of this community.”

Casey Bryden

Sun Bella

Ashya McDonald

Full Bums Swimwear

“Just a celebration post!! Started the Academy about 3 weeks ago and just did 2 months in a row with sales over $30k... pretty excited for a business that’s just 14 months old! Looking forward to scaling it to even more in 2023!!”

Jess Fellerhoff

Fall for Fancy

“Stoked with my numbers, even though I went against the Black Friday trend. Hit just over $8k. Conversion rate 6.1, returning customer rate 39%. I certainly wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for all the support and guidance of the Academy this year.“

"Today is my last day in the academy. I’ve learnt so much and I just wanted to say thank you to not only the amazing team but also ALL of you. I’ve learnt so much from your questions, been helped when I’ve asked question, and truly inspired.

Since joining the academy in March, we have increased our monthly orders seven-fold and have just cracked our first $10k month!! Slowly but consistently increased our conversion rate, come leaps and bounds with our email marketing and so much more.

So many epiphany moments along the way..have loved every minute. I leave motivated and so excited for the next chapter!"

Jacqui Sidwell


“I was feeling overwhelmed, like there was so much I didn’t know. I felt lonely in business. It’s been amazing having other women there encouraging you.

It’s been the best investment in myself that I’ve made. Our traffic is up 40% and our sales have tripled.”

Lorena Palmer


“The academy helps take the worry/fear out of things before you hit the overwhelm paralysis part. You get motivation to explore ideas that you never thought of with meetings and group chat. Planning is proactive not reactive even though I’ve still got lots of changes to implement, each time I change something that I’ve learnt, I see positive changes in business user experience or income...

Conversion 1.98% to 3.3%, returning customer rate 11% to 36.3%.
January is normally a slow period for our industry."

Melissa Carlon

The Sustainable Paddock

“HOLY Fck. This time last year (July 2021) my web conversion was 1.55% compared with 4.04% now. Not everyone will know how exciting this is, but I know you guys just get it. I just tried to tell my husband and he was like, yeah cool. Lucky I can celebrate with you lovely ladies!!!!”

Anne Marshall

Seven Islands Skincare

"I joined almost a year ago and I am so glad I did. The support from Lisa, our coaches, and the women in the Academy is exceptional. The education and information provided are relevant, all round, covering all you need to know to triple your sales and scale up. My only wish was that I should have joined much sooner to save money on my avoidable mistakes. I was also on the fence about joining but trust me, it will save you money and time. Don’t do it by yourself!"

Lien Pham


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