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A high touch, advanced strategy program for women wanting to smash their sales into the millions.


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What if...

YOU are the bottle neck holding your brand back from success?

YOU are stopping the brand from scaling up?

We know e-com. And we know scaling up revenues. That’s why hundreds of e-commerce brands have chosen us to help them.

You want to grow your e-com brand into the millions.

You have big dreams for it.

You need a team around you to make it happen.

It can be lonely and isolating doing this on your own.

You need the support of a community.

You need the advice of expert level mentors.

You need strategies that actually work.

Change nothing and nothing changes.

Your business is going well. You’re seeing consistent sales growth and you are tweaking your website to optimize it for conversions regularly.

You know your brand has the potential to make millions and you have the loyal customer base to prove it.

but, right now, you’re stuck...

I’ve been there...

I was exhausted. A mum of three, juggling the never-ending responsibilities that come with that (and there are many), while working through a difficult marriage and trying to build a thriving business.

I wanted to work on my own terms and make a nice income doing it. Except it wasn’t working out that way… I was stressed, tired and couldn’t even afford to pay myself a wage.

The thing that kept me going, through it all, was knowing my products would change people’s lives for the better.

Now, I own a multi-million dollar e-commerce empire without spending 60 hours a week glued to my laptop. I’ve won awards, run seminars, and appeared as a featured guest all over the world.

I wish there’d been a program like this around when I was scaling my multi-million dollar brand, Ecoriginals. If there had been, I would have doubled my sales in half the time.

Don’t do it on your own. Surround yourself with genius mentors in e-commerce and a squad of other women like you.

This program includes real time access 5 days a week to e-commerce experts for new strategies to get unstuck and scale your revenues and team

Stop spending money on aspects of your business that don’t bring profitable growth.

Double or triple your sales without breaking your systems.

Grow a successful multi-million dollar brand.

Unlike any other course in the world…

This is a ’done-with-you’ program

This is NOT a video library for you to work through in your non-existent spare time.

This is NOT a Facebook ads program where you’ll only learn one tiny aspect of growing a multi-million dollar business.

This is NOT another online course.

My team and I will work with you on 5 x live calls each week to scale your brand.

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Who is the Scale Mastermind Program for:

Meet the Scale Team



Lisa Jones

Lisa is a Mum of 3, passionate e-commerce Expert and builder of 3x multi-million dollar e-commerce brands




With an impressive 15 years of experience under her belt, Donna is the Supply Chain Specialist. She knows everything there is to know when it comes to supplier relations, importing, manufacturing, warehousing, inventory and 3PL. Donna worked with me to grow Ecoriginals and is now a guest expert for my clients. She’s a mum of two gorgeous kids and lives under the perpetual sunshine of the Gold Coast.




Mel is the founder and CEO of Wild Dough, an international award-winning entrepreneur, business mentor, bestselling co-author, marketing lover and mother, known for her passion for business, cheerful disposition and overly loud laugh. Melissa is passionate about supporting other women to succeed in business.




She’s our go-to web designer for a reason. No one knows how to design a website that’s equally as beautiful as it is intuitive like Larissa can. Her specialty is optimising websites to increase sales and boost conversions using her superior design and SEO skills. Originally a WordPress snob, Larissa has warmed up to Shopify sites. If you’re after someone to audit and re-structure your site to amp up conversions, Larissa’s your girl!




This all-round legend and mum owns an ecommerce kids’ activewear brand, as well as working with other brands to foster ongoing growth. Ally takes the migraine out of Shopify and Klaviyo, and teaches you how to milk every last drop from these powerful platforms so your online brand can thrive.




With 15+ years of experience working with some pretty impactful brands, Tamara knows everything there is to know about using social media to generate leads and convert them to sales. She’s an entrepreneur herself and coaches social media marketing across a number of programs (she’s in hot demand).


Growth Expert and Branding Afficionado


No stranger to the ecomm world, Anaita is the co-Founder of Hero Packaging, the author of Sell Anything Online and Guest Lecturer at Macquarie University. She loves to help small business owners take their current business and scale them up, using proven strategies and techniques she’s mastered in her own online brands.




With an expansive marketing career spanning 20+ years, she knows a thing or two about building profitable brands! She is truly ‘technically creative’ and is data-driven when it comes to decision-making. Her speciality is helping brands put ideas into action, she rolls her eyes at marketing jargon and just loves helping people feel less overwhelmed and more in control of their business. Kellie will help you stop spinning your wheels, create systemised action plans to move forward and help you understand how your numbers can influence your decision making so you are not flying blind in your business.

Plus guest experts including...

Inside Your Business?

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What’s Included?

Bonus Access to the Academy

You’ll also get ongoing access to The E-commerce Academy member’s area, calls and group, should you wish to deep dive on any topics that you need to work on inside your brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We “uncomplicate” topics and give you easy to follow, step by step strategies.
  • Your one stop shop for everything you need to know to scale your brand.
  • We don’t just teach Facebook ads, or just marketing. We teach EVERYTHING you need to know, all aspects of an e-commerce brand.
  • We literally don’t know another single program out there that does this!
  • We truly care about our clients, and their success. You will find us going out of our way to ensure you scale up!

The ONLY E-commerce brand owners this program won’t work for are:

✘ Those who don’t take their business seriously and are not 100% committed to the success and growth.

✘ Those who choose to let fear, self-doubt, scepticism, blame and others opinions stop them from following the program.

✘ Those who aren’t willing to pay for the support.

✘ Those who think they already know it all.

✘ Those who give up when it gets tough.


That’s why we only work with:

✔ Women who are committed to their success and will do what it takes.

✔ Women who believe in themselves and their brand.

✔ Experts and Mentors who have a proven track record in helping our clients.

✔ Those who have no problem investing in their business.

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