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Our SHE-com Team is expanding and we have just recruited our new Head of Scale Mastermind – Anaita Sakar – a truly epic, and highly talented + regarded business woman.

Co-Founder and CEO of Hero Packaging, Founder of Olivia&Co. (exited) author of Sell Anything Online, Podcast Host and Guest Lecturer at Macquarie University, this woman girl-bosses HARD.

Anaita’s marketing background and unmatched knowledge has allowed her to start and scale 2 x 7 figure businesses while balancing mum life.

Anaita’s knowledge is hot commodity so apply NOW and we’ll be in touch to see if you fit the requirements.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Is your brands revenue currently between $30k and $300k a month?

Are you hungry for success and keen to find your community and experts?

Are you wanting to scale into the MILLIONS?

Let us strategise + scale your business to financial freedom.

Fill in the form below to see if you qualify for this program. Qualified applicants will receive a one-to-one call with head coach, Anaita Sakar to discuss potential entry into our elite Scale Mastermind Group.