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Selling $100k of stock without a product Exclusive Q&A with Lisa Jones

Do you want to build a multi-million dollar brand?

Our founder Lisa Jones has been there and done that … THREE times and counting. In today’s episode we’re joined by Anaita Sarkar the Co-Founder and CEO of Hero Packaging who asks Lisa the questions YOU wanted to know the answers to.

We’re not only going back to the origin of where everything started, but Lisa also shares the exact strategies she used to scale and build these businesses whilst juggling being a mum along with the costly mistakes she made along the way.

And we know you’re wondering HOW on earth can you sell over $100,000 worth of stock without even having a product (genius right) Lisa shares exactly how that happened as well!

You’ll hear:

✨ The KEY to being an incredible mum AND SHE-compreneur

✨How you’ll know it’s time to SELL your business and move on to the next adventure

✨Lisa’s top THREE marketing tips if she was starting a new business today.

… and SO much more


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