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Of E-Commerce Brands in Australia


SQUAD by SHE-com

Australia’s newest and most exciting community & rewards club for female owned e-commerce brands.

An exclusive community, with personalised deals, rewards and content for female e-commerce brand owners.

This two sided marketplace

will allow our partners to access a hyper engaged community and turn them into customers.

SQUAD by SHE-com Opportunity

Two-sided marketplace

SHE-com is on a mission to

educate, uplift,

empower and reward

Australia’s most ambitious and fast growing e-commerce brands with the best in class solutions they need to thrive and scale.

We are launching

Australia’s first membership and rewards club created exclusively for e-commerce brands and their complete 360 business needs.

We know how

Complex, costly and challenging it is for e-commerce brands to stay on top of marketing trends, technology, apps, banking, financing, cashflow, measurement, data, fulfilment, freight and so much more.

There are so many tools, partners and solutions to choose from - which is why we are curating the best of the best in our SQUAD by SHE-com Membership and Rewards Program.




SHE-com is looking for

our first 20 Founding Partners

who will gain unparalleled access to our community and VIP exposure across our 10+ marketing channels reaching 25,000+ followers


Join SQUAD by SHE-com as a

founding partner

of our rewards programme and gain exclusive access to brand owners and qualified customers who are actively looking for solutions that you provide. Skip the top of the funnel and meet your customer as a recommended partner, in a trusted environment when they are ready to purchase.


You join us as a SHE-com Squad Partner on a monthly subscription, and you provide us with an exclusive member deal which is best in the market (discount or value adds). Make it enticing! Please note, the minimum discount is 10% off your service or software.

We promote you to our members (guaranteed exposure to a minimum of 500 e-commerce brands within the first 3 months).

We help them sign up to your service or software, using an exclusive affiliate link. Forget about your sales teams needing to trawl for leads, we will bring them straight to sign up with you! You simply set up SHE-com as an affiliate for your brand and track those new sales coming in! SHE-com requires a 10% affiliate commission for sales you receive ongoing.

We also offer you additional ongoing opportunities to promote your brand to our larger audience with monthly sponsored giveaways (your prize donations can include cash, vouchers, free services or software – remember the more exciting the giveaway prize the more our audience is going to share and talk about it). We will help promote your brand within our Squad community with additional opportunities as they arise. These are paid opportunities.

Squad makes so much sense to me as a business owner

I've wasted so much time trying things that haven't worked and a tonne of money in unused subscriptions. This is exactly what the e-commerce sector needs and I'm so excited to be on the waiting list for its launch.

Ashya McDonald, Full Bums Swimwear

Pricing for



The Squad program is one of the most exciting opportunities we have come across this year! We can't wait to partner.

Claire, Airwallex


Our SQUAD members, who are all e-commerce brand owners, also pay a monthly subscription. In addition to Partner Rewards and giveaways, they get access to fortnightly masterclasses, along with curated community noticeboards to connect with each other and create local SHE-pods in their geographic areas.


Bypass your Sales and Marketing teams and gain brand new customers without any heavy lifting!

This first of its kind SQUAD program launches March 2024

Liz Morris

Head of Partnerships