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You want to have your own online brand.

Have the flexibility to work when you want.

Doing something that you love, and you want it NOW!

But you just aren’t sure where to start!

You can’t afford to waste money on an idea that may not work, and you need guidance to test and launch successfully. You need this to work!

What it’s like to launch an online brand with us...

SHE-com Case Study

Laura Campbell joined SHE-com in August 2022, seeking support to launch her product, the Hackerlily Hipsurfer.

With access to our E-commerce coaches, she gained guidance and feedback on marketing and building her website and social media following. She maximized the program by immersing herself in training modules and connecting with the community.

Laura launched her product in February 2023 and achieved over $10,000 in sales within 3.5 weeks.
With the support of SHE-com, Laura successfully built her brand and is excited about the future of her business.

“All this came about because of the way I was able to learn, build my brand and build my community. Being surrounded by incredible women on the same journey as me and the access you can get to these private communities, is second to none.”

Laura Campbell

(launched with SHE-com support and sold $10k in her first month of business)

Your Life before this program

Your Life after this program

Here is what we will cover over the 9 weeks:


Before you get too excited about your branding, website and products, we need to prove that there is a market who is prepared to pay the price you want to charge for your products. There needs to be enough of a market, without heavy competition, or at least a way to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. In this first module we will help you with ways to test the market, poll your audience, and get clear on what your vision for the business is (so you create a business you are proud of!).

Branding and Social Media

There are a lot of elements in this space that you need to get right! Branding is the core foundation of your business and consistency is key here. We will guide you to formulate a brand that is unique to you and set you up for success in a competitive online world. We will also cover how to show up on social media and how you can use these platforms to create awareness of your brand.

Business model/ manufacturing & shipping

There are so many different ways you can bring a product to life to sell! We are going to explore those business model ideas in here to make sure you get set up with the best chance of success. We will also look at funding for your start up, how to set your pricing, and uncover key aspects around sourcing, manufacturing terms, quality control and shipping and logistics.

Your transformational sell & hero’s journey

One of the biggest mistakes we see online brands make, is that they are pushing their products onto their prospective audience by featuring pricing, features and benefits. Those items won’t sell your products! So, in this module we are going to dive down into your transformational sell (where you focus on selling the transformation you deliver, the solution, the brand new day). We will also deeply understand your customer and what drives them to buy, and how we can position you and your brand as the hero.

Website wireframe and design

Without a website you don’t have an online store! We dive into how you can set up a website affordably, and how you can build out a customer experience that will bring your customers back, wanting more! We will support you so that you have the intel to know what makes a website convert and how you can structure yours to resonate with your ideal customer.


Capturing emails and using them to nurture your leads is an important part of building a brand. We will explore what kinds of email software you should use, and what campaigns and flows you need to include early on. We even give you cheat sheets and templates, to make life easy!

Getting launch ready

The best part! You’ve laid down solid foundations and now it’s time to launch with a bang! We dive into how to set up a promotion plan and how you can make sure you sell enough to recover your investment, whilst setting up customers for life.The best part! You’ve laid down solid foundations and now it’s time to launch with a bang! We dive into how to set up a promotion plan and how you can make sure you sell enough to recover your investment, whilst setting up customers for life.

Measuring your progress and wrap up

Knowing what your numbers mean, and how to read the data to make decisions about your online business is important. So many women fly blind with their numbers! We dive into the world of your numbers, where to find them and how to set targets and achieve them!

You’ll never feel stuck, as we’ll support you to implement your learnings and take action, during our 2x 1 hour group coaching calls per week

Get these bonuses when you sign up with us

Bonus #1 Website Wireframes



Receive a copy of our homepage and product page wireframes - this is the optimised design / order of hierarchy we recommend for your new website. Simply copy the flow on your website.

Bonus #2 Email Templates and Flows



Get a copy of our email flows and templates ready to use inside your brand! We will tell you what to setup and what to say! Simply copy and paste and you're sorted.

Bonus #3 Two of our best Calculators



Get our 2x most popular calculators to help you work out your numbers - Landed Cost and Profit Margin.

Meet the Coaches

They will support, guide, inspire and keep you accountable!


Founder of SHE-com and
E-commerce strategist and mentor

Lisa Jones

Lisa is a Mum of 3, passionate e-commerce Expert and builder of 3x multi-million dollar e-commerce brands.


Founder and CEO of
Wild Dough


Mel is the founder and CEO of Wild Dough, an international award-winning entreprenuer, business mentor, bestselling co-author, marketing lover and mother, known for her passion for business, cheerful disposition and overly loud laugh. Mel is passionate about supporting other women to succeed in business.


Founder of the Lily Pot


Chontelle is the founder of the Lily Pot, an online brand that started as a hobby and is now a thriving 6 figure business. Chontelle has a corporate background as a Coach and loves to support women new to e-commerce, though her own first-hand experience. She you ingenious hacks to make more money online.


Founder and CEO of Playcard Co


Zara is the successful founder and CEO of the Playcard Co. Zara is passionate about creating a brand on solid foundations, that helps the brand to stand out from crowd, in a competitive market. Zara has extensive experience in marketing brand in unique low cost ways.

With our 2x one hour group coaching calls EVERY SINGLE WEEK

You'll never feel stuck.

When you join you’ll get:

We will give you honest feedback on your idea and support you all the way from concept, to launch. We want you to succeed as much as you want to!

Getting any business off the ground takes clear strategies and direction. In this coaching program, we provide you with short, actionable videos so that you can successfully launch a business that you are proud to call your own. We want you to get selling as soon as possible, and we will support you the whole way!

A comprehensive workbook built specifically for a start-up online brand! Packed full of strategies, worksheets to complete and easy explanations for you to follow! This is designed to be your one stop shop for everything start up!

Get 8 of our most popular cheat sheets from our higher-level programs, for your use in setting up your new brand! This includes: calculating your profit margin, captions and hashtags for social media, our favourite shopify apps, product photography for e-commerce brands, 7 ways to grow your email list and your guide to email flows and templates, 5 ways to drive traffic to your website and a monthly target tracker.

We call it the 3C’s – we give you Content and Coaching, but our community could change your business through collaborations and support. 

Want to start your very own e-comm business?

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What it’s like to launch an online brand with us...

SHE-com Case Study

"I would also like to celebrate hitting 10k this month, as of literally 5 mins ago! Having only launched in mid-September, this feels like an absolute dream and I’m really proud of the work I’ve put in to get here! There is sooooo much still to learn and I can’t wait to grow my business even more. Feels like such a supportive group of women and it’s incredible to be a part of this community."

Elle Kiffer


One time Payment of


Three Payments of


THIS IS NOT JUST AN ONLINE COURSE, without the support!




Frequently Asked Questions

Doors are currently closed to Start Up, however we will be opening our doors again soon!  Please click below if you would like to be notified when the next round is about to start

Yes most certainly. We will keep things as simple as we can, provide as much support as possible, and show you the actions every step of the way. This is where 2 x live calls each week pay off! Keep unstuck with support. And where we can, we can recommend low cost freelancers to help you with the bits you dont love doing.

We are kicking off this round on Wednesday 26 April and it runs for 9 weeks.

We have a training portal with your weekly step by step videos which will open up on the kick off date. We also provide an extensive manual we recommend you print and bind and make your notes inside to keep everything together. In addition, we have a Facebook group for this program so you can ask the mentor questions inside this group, and our live calls twice every week! We’ve got you!

We give you lifetime access to the training portal and of course your printable manual. The live calls and facebook group access last for 9 weeks and then there will be an option to pay a small monthly fee to remain inside the live calls to get ongoing support should your brand take longer than 9 weeks to get going!

We offer a 7 day refund policy if we dont deliver what we promised, and you’ve done the first week of work, we will give you a full refund.

You get lifetime access to the training videos, but access to the facebook group and live calls ends. Should you wish to stay inside the group, we have a small monthly fee for you to remain.



we believe wholeheartedly in this program, however if you do the first 7 days of work and decide we haven't delivered on a quality program, we will refund your money

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