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The Top 10 Things I Have Learnt in 14 Years of Business

If there is one episode you don’t want to miss, it’s this one.

I can’t believe that we are finally here – the end of 2023 and what an INCREDIBLE year it has been. Today’s episode actually marks the last one for the year, as I am listening to my own advice and taking the time to recoup, recover and relax so that I can deliver you all the best content next year, and we can keep working to grow your business.

Today, I am sharing with you 10 golden nuggets of wisdom that I wish someone had shared with me at the start of my SHE-Compreneur journey. These tips have been gleaned from my own mistakes, the things I have wasted my money on, but also my own successes.

We chat:

✨ The one hat you can NEVER take off if you want to scale your business

✨ Why you should always build your business to SELL even if that’s not your goal

✨ The importance of building a tribe to help you through the grind, share your fears and find inspiration

✨ How you can practise self-love so that you can make 2024 your biggest year yet.

… and SO much more.

Have a lovely holiday and I’ll see you in 2024 gorgeous lady!

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