Website Optimisation Power Session

In this fast faced one-to-one session, Lisa will overhaul your website layout on your homepage and product page, based on optimizing for conversion.

She will look at your crush brands, your current site (if you have one) and your transformational sell (and help you to develop your copy in this session around your sales copy and call to actions).

You will leave this 90 minute fast paced session with a handwritten set of pages ready for your graphic designer or website developer to roll out for your website.

You would do this session

if you know your website could convert much higher, and you need to know how to apply optimizing strategies to overhaul your current site. This is a redesign process. You would do this alongside copywriting (but not necessarily) and BEFORE your graphic designer or website developer works on the site design.

Consider this the wireframe they can follow to make your website truly pop (and may reduce the design fee because you can provide this wireframe to them).

End The Business Mummy Juggle FOREVER

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