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Our team of successful E-commerce experts get a real kick out of doing the hard work for you! 

We are keeping across the latest strategies that are WORKING RIGHT NOW to bring you The Only Framework You Need To Scale Your Sales.

Utilising our own success stories, ACTUAL BUSINESSES that have BLOWN UP beyond their wildest dreams, we have analysed and identified the six steps that will bring you ‘everything you need to succeed’


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In the last 3 years, e-com sales have been MIND BLOWING and now in 2024 sales have been a little more ‘normal’. Sound familiar?

Let’s be honest - times are changing, but successful brands are still selling…
How? Well, we know how. And we have pulled apart EXACTLY what is working (so you can forget about what is not!) to build into our simple 6 step framework so your business can go BOOM once again!


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In this 12-week program, our expert E-commerce coaches will teach you the 6 Step ‘Everything You Need To Succeed’ Framework and they’ll be with you, every step of the way.

We have perfected a method that ACTUALLY WORKS

A method YOU WANT

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You’re in safe hands with SHE-com

Our coaches understand you

(because they’ve been EXACTLY where you are now!) and we are here to support you!

We’ve been there. We get it. The overwhelm. The exhaustion.

Yes we have felt it too!
We are here to help. And, by the way, we absolutely adore supporting women to grow successful brands that they can be proud of.
A team of highly successful, sought-after experts with years of experience, we have helped hundreds of women to build e-commerce brands that outperform others, time after time.


Let us show you how.

Meet the Academy Coaching Dream Team

Hey there gorgeous!

I'm the founder of SHE-com

Lisa Jones

Mum of three, founder of 3 x multi-million dollar brands, passionate e-commerce coach, speaker, author, podcast host and creator of SHE-com.

In the last 14 years, I’ve built seven companies. Three have been multi-million dollar e-commerce businesses (and I’m busy building the fourth!).

That’s not to say life was always so bright…

Rewind seven years. I was exhausted, juggling the never-ending responsibilities that come with being a mum, all while working through a difficult marriage and trying to build a thriving business.

A nervous breakdown was on my horizon.

I was done working for overbearing bosses with values that didn’t align with my own. I desperately wanted to work on my own terms and make a nice income doing it.

My most successful brand, Ecoriginals, is the world’s most eco-friendly nappy brand. It won a Telstra Business Award, has been voted Australia’s “highest-rated nappy brand” by consumers, and turned over $2m in revenue via subscription sales.

Working with women and helping them realize their biggest dreams is exactly what I want to be doing.

She founded CMY Cubes, made over $1 million in her first year and has over 35 million views on TikTok

Gabi is an exper tn digital marketing, TIkTok and viral growth strategies

She has over 250,000 happy customers & has won business awards on 3 continents with her hand made brand Wild Dough

Mel is an expert in multi-stream marketing strategy, influencer marketing and building business teams and productions processes

She founded Tweed Real Foods after 20 years of marketing experience working with brands such as Apple & Schwarzkopf. In just two years Julia turned it into a 7 figure business stocked in Woolworths.

Julia is an expert in wholesale, building profitable businesses and harnessing the power of data for growth.

She's an international award winning entrepreneur whose obsession with organic marketing has lead to a 300% year on year growth in her business.

Zara is an expert in organic marketing, social media strategy, leveraging influencers and creating community!

She has developed digital strategies for top-tier clients including Lindt, Jamie Oliver and Vivienne Westwood, and led Burberry's Global SEO, achieving huge growth in organic traffic and revenue.

Hannah can demystify SEO to start driving free traffic (that converts!) to your website.

She was the Head of Digital at Cotton On Group, and has her own tea brand, stocked by Woolworths and winner of the World Tea Awards

Sam is our website optimisation expert, and helps our clients drive up their conversion rate to bring more dollars in the door.

She built Tutu Irrisistible, a 7 figure e-commerce brand she's had for over 10 years, and drives sales for her own brand and others using Google Ads

Kerry is one of our in-house Google Ads experts, and is blowing up our clients Google Ads account performance.

She has been trained by some of the best Facebook experts in the world, and having run her own marketing agency for many years there's not much about digital marketing she doesnt know.

Tamara is one of our Facebook ad experts and loves to help build out content plans for brands inside our programs.

She runs a Klaviyo email agency managing many brands, and we love having her inside our programs to help our clients quickly increase their monthly sales using email marketing.

Annalise loves the details inside Klaviyo, and her advice can make a huge difference to generating big revenue through clever EDM strategies.

She runs the marketing of a leading Australian coffee company, and has helped them massively scale up their sales.

Peta is our community manager inside our programs, helping our clients break down projects into implementable steps and keeping them on track for success.

You are in very, very good hands!

We’re hearing it’s tough out there

but that’s not what our success stories are saying!

They did it, and we know that you can too!
But don’t just take our word for it…

 Make an informed decision to join us – see what IS POSSIBLE


You can grow a wildly popular online brand without working weekends, trying to learn everthing under the sun, or hiring other people instead of paying yourself a salary.

It can be lonely out there.

Surround yourself with all the support and inspiration that our AMAZING community brings

Ready to join us?

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Our SHE-com community is filled with epic talent.

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What happens at the end of the
12 week course?

Because WE KNOW you are going to be hungry for more!

You can either finish up with our live calls, training program and Facebook group


You can join our core Academy Graduates Membership group which opens up 3 x group coaching calls per week, a new Facebook group filled with other SHE-com Academy graduates and a bunch of our coaches, AND get access to our huge video library with hot seat videos and an extensive training video library.

Join this second monthly graduate program to open up the wider Academy graduate community into your support network to help you continue growing and kicking goals with your brand!

(Access only available to Academy course participants)

What's included

Join our Academy graduate program, opening up an extensive training video library! Get access to many more growth strategies!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A 12-week program that covers 6 modules of content designed specifically to help your e-commerce brand to grow your sales and build a solid foundation for success. We focus heavily on website optimisation and increasing your conversion, along with driving traffic to your website.


  • A weekly live group coaching call every Tuesday, where Lisa and the coaching team will break down e-commerce strategies and teach them to you for easy implementation into your business


  • A weekly live co-work session every Thursday, so you can untangle any problems you’re having on the spot with one of our expert coaches

  • Access to 10+ expert mentors in the program, including Lisa, along with experts in paid and organic marketing strategies, copywriting, email marketing, Shopify, wholesale sales growth and more! These mentors are live in our private FB group answering your questions to keep you unstuck as you work through the modules.


  • Our video library with short, sharp videos to teach you about ALL the areas in e-commerce that you will need to scale your sales.


  • Worksheets, templates, check lists and calculators that give you step-by-step guides on the actions you need to take, help you to track different aspects of your business and build a more solid, systemised and profitable business.


  • Connection with the community of Academy members to share wins, collaborate on business ideas, and get feedback on your work.

We know that some weeks you might have a life interruption, so we will always upload the video for you to watch within 4 hours of the live call. That way you can play it back at a time that suits you!!

In order to get the most from this amazing program, we recommend you dedicate 2 – 4 hours per week in addition to the time you usually spend working on your brand. If you can not commit this time our program may not be suited to you. Our program is designed to provide high level support, strategies and mentoring to those woman hungry for success. 

Yes absolutely you can!

We don’t believe in big ad budgets in the early days of growing an e-com brand. We will be focusing on teaching you organic client attraction, improving your website conversion and how to focus on lean, innovative and collaborative marketing strategies. However if you want to get started with paid ads, we will teach you exactly how to do this inside the program.

This program is designed for woman who are already actively selling online. If you have an idea for a product and are in start-up phase we would love to help you, but not in the Academy program. Instead, we have created the perfect start-up program for you! 

Wonderful news! We would love to help you continue to grow. If your average monthly revenue is under $30K a month, then this program will be perfect for you. If your average monthly revenue is already above $30K per month then we recommend you join our Scale Mastermind program.

Yes absolutely you can!

We don’t believe in big ad budgets in the early days of growing an e-com brand. We will be focusing on teaching you organic client attraction, improving your website conversion and how to focus on lean, innovative and collaborative marketing strategies. However if you want to get started with paid ads, we will teach you exactly how to do this inside the program.

The Academy program is designed to increase your sales in 12 weeks.

This program will teach you the exact areas you need to focus on that will make the most impact on your business.

Yes we absolutely do!

You can choose to either pay upfront $2,497 or pay 5 x payments of $597. The choice is yours. We have added this payment option to help you get access to strategies to grow as you learn, and make money as you grow!!

At the end of your 12 week program, we hope you don’t leave us. More than half of our graduates stay in the program for a small monthly fee to continue to access our mentoring support, live calls and new content. You will be offered this at the end of your program round.

Can't quite decide if this is the right program for you and want to chat to our team?

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