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Selling a pair of pyjamas every 10 MINUTES and LEVERAGING paid advertising w/ Tess Nguyen from Midnight Mischief

Are you SCARED to leave your full-time day job to pursue your side hustle? Are you having the feeling of, “What if it doesn’t work out?”

That was Tess, she was terrified of leaving her stable physiotherapist career but at the end of 2020 she FINALLY sat down and got a handle on her numbers … She realised she was making $250,000 A MONTH and quit to run Midnight Mischief full time. 

After purchasing the business for $15,000 off gumtree Tess has leaned into influencer campaigns, PR and more recently paid marketing to grow and scale Midnight Mischief to over $2 million dollars in revenue. Her pyjamas have been worn by some of Australia’s favourite influencers and celebrities and she’s been featured in huge media publications.

Today we talk about how this all came about but more importantly, the mistakes she’s learnt along the way and the marketing tactics you can implement in your own business.

You’ll hear:

How Tess overcame SELF DOUBT and IMPOSTER SYNDROME in order to quit her full time job 

What MARKETING CHANNELS are working NOW and how they’ve changed 

The mistake Tess made that left her with THOUSANDS of units of stock, and how she sold them

… and SO much more

Midnight Mischief:

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